My first pregnancy!
|   Mar 18, 2016
My first pregnancy!

Bingo! We did it… Clueless of how to react. Shall I jump in joy or hoot or what? Finally that phase of trying to conceive... ovulation strips…reading reviews and experiences on… calculating fertile period is over. And with this a full stop to those series of questions by near or distant relatives and friend, those unwelcomed suggestions or advice by elderly “Phir age ho jati h toh hota nahi h.. dekh lo time se n all that stuff”. Thanks to Prega-news for freeing me from that phase by coming up with two fat lines indicating a positive pregnancy! That realization in itself is enough to trigger a panic attack! Heaving a sigh of relief that the anxiety of achieving what is desired is gone…

I was out on a weekend trip pretty clueless of something developing inside. Utterly unaware that I was potentially harming the fetus by not eating properly, having junk food, travelling. On returning home I verified and shared it with my husband and his reaction was priceless.. I wish I could have recorded it. All are happy and me?

Well, I’m pretty confused.. how to react.. what to eat… what to do… how to balance home and job together with coping with the changes my body was feeling..wrought with symptoms like nausea, bloating, vomiting, headaches, mood swings, cramps, famishing hunger and excessive sleepiness. My mind was clouded with numerous thoughts. My career, my freedom, my dreams suddenly seemed to take a back seat. I was battling with the reality and my aspirations. I struggled everyday to get up and go to workplace. But you can't give up- neither mentally nor physically. 

Whether it's a planned or an unplanned pregnancy, it's time to accept the fact and rather than pondering over the problem, look for the best solutions. Manage your time well. Re-revise your priority list. And it's the time to focus on certain points. Choose your gynecologist after good research and don't hesitate to get a clarity if you are given any artificial hormone injections or medicines as they might be risky. Get it cross-verified by some other doctor if required. Download some good android app in your phone like BabyBump to track your baby's growth. You will be updated with what's going on inside you and feel connected. Join some online groups on to get in touch with ladies in the same stage. It indeed gives you a moral support. Discussing and sharing experiences helps you pacify your anxieties connected with the continuous changes your body will now undergo.

The very thought of Labour pain might scare you. It scared me as well but trust me. Our body is naturally designed for it. It's not painless but it won't kill you. Trust the God's natural process of birth. And yes if you are thinking of opting for more easier options like cesarean or epidural then do read my blog post "Cesarean or epidural or natural birth- is there a choice?". It will help you take a stand. I have researched so much that it's beyond the scope of this blog post words limit to put everything here. But I welcome any kind of query or help you wish to seek from me. Good luck beautiful would-be moms. 

Eat well, think positive, go for a stroll and ACCEPT AND WELCOME THE CHANGES for a happy and joyful nine months!  :)

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