My slice on parenting in an pseudo English society
|   Jun 12, 2017
My slice on parenting in an pseudo English society

The movie hindi medium has so many facets of truth that it makes the film so relatable and watchable. I loved the film.

On the film- the actors were excellent .. in talking about all of them.. such an apt bunch. The obsession of school admissions in Delhi is portrayed so well. Yes.. some parts are exaggerated but the extent new parentscan go is also worth observing. The several plot lines gave way to humour and emotions. How we stereotype and classify people is undignified to say the least. We all are guilty of it, many keep mum. But we want our children to get into a good school so badly we forget there is so much more to do. Is finding a good school a rat race or is it necessary for a child s growth ?

I don't know in toying with the idea myself.

However coming back to the title Hindi medium, why are ashamed of speaking in Hindi ? Why don't we want our child to pick up Hindi ? Why should the neighbours say speaking in Hindi won't get you child into a good school. I'm not good in my language but I'm not proud of it. I didn't study here , I never learnt it. Still my mom got us hindi tuitions when we would come for a summer break. I learnt a bit atleast I could read.. i practiced but you could chose French in the eleventh standard so I chose that. Atleast I would get good marks and it won't affect my result I thought. I didn't struggle and nobody pushed me. In retrospect I'm learning with my son all the hindi rhymes and he speaks fluently in Hindi and English . Sometimes more in Hindi obviously everyone around him speaks to him in Hindi except me. That's because it's important to know English in school.

As many of my wise friends say it's ok , he is bound to pick up. English what will he do I school ? Just this.Don't worry be happy he knows his mother tongue.

Am I happy at times I am..At times I think I'm not helping him prepare for his school ..

My husband feels that I should speak to him in English. We are a mixed generation , Hinglish is more like our language . We are so mixed up in our head what will we teach our children. Test yourself .. say atleast five lines without using an English word? Got you..?

Something to think about .. let me know your thoughts .. ? English or hindi or Hinglish or is it that simple ?

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