The baby who was waiting for dosa!
|   Apr 23, 2016
The baby who was waiting for dosa!

My due date was 17th Aug 2015. My dear doctor had asked me to visit her on 10th Aug to check for progress. On 10th of Aug when I visited her, she told me that the baby has still not come down. It was a bit disappointing considering that I continued with my regular walks and was even managing to do squats and duck-walk in spite of gaining enormous amount of weight. I was really hoping for a normal delivery. My doctor told me to either get admitted on 17th or 18th if the pains do not come by that time. I decided that I will get admitted on 18th Aug. I continued to work till 11th Aug and started my maternity leave from 12th Aug onwards. 

It was 17th August and there were no signs of labor. I was happily going about my business without any discomfort. I decided to visit my doctor once more before I get admitted. She gave the same reply and asked me to get admitted on 18th. I pleaded that I really want to go for a normal delivery. She smiled and said that you promise me that you will not ask for a c-section and I will try my level best. I said yes. I will not give up. I knew it was easier to recover from normal delivery.

While returning, I and my husband stopped at a roadside dosa eatery as I was really craving for dosa since past few days. We decided to get it packed so that the other family members (my mother and in-laws had come) could also eat. Little did I know that the baby was waiting for dosa :) . As soon as I finished my dosa and got up to wash my hands, I felt something weird. I rushed to the bathroom and locked the door. Yes, the water had broken. I informed my husband and he called up the doctor. The doctor asked me to get admitted immediately. . So, my baby was pretty punctual and was just waiting for the dosa. All of us got into the car and reached hospital. By that time, my back had started aching a bit but I was still pretty chilled out. No worry whatsoever. Mom and mom-in-law wanted that they stay but my husband was in no mood to budge. He had decided that he is going to stay and others had to go back home.

The only thing I tremendously disliked about the pregnancy was the last few visits when my gynac was required to do internal checkups. I did not know that I am going to get those horrible internal checkups so many times in the next few hours of my life. Equally worse is baring it all in front of resident doctors, nurses, assistant gynac and I do not know how many people. I started getting labor pains but it was not too bad. It was like a bad backache which travelled from back to front. Both of us kept talking and hardly slept. By the time it was morning, the labor pain had intensified. My gynac and the assistant gynac checked and said that the baby is still up and I have not dilated much. It is going to take time. My mom arrived. By the time it was 10 am i was in terrible condition. I had so many equipments attached to my body to check baby's heart rate, labor intensity etc. I just wanted to throw them all away. They were causing me so much trouble.

At around 11 am, the resident doctor and assistant doctor visited again. By now, I was dreading each checkup more and more. It seemed like my misery would not end at all. Resident doctor asked the assistant doctor in a hush-hush voice that since I am not dilating much, why don't we go for a c-section? But the assistant doc said that she cannot do anything without the permission of my gynac (My angel gynac she was!). It was 2 pm and my condition was getting worse and worse. My angel gynac came to check and infomed that the baby's heart rate is going down and we should not take any risk and proceed for a c-section. We got scared. My husband's consent was taken and I was quickly moved to operation theatre. At this point of time, I did not care if it was a normal delivery or c-section. I just wanted my baby to safely come out in the world and of course my misery to end.

Little did I know that my baby had other plans. The doctors and nurses were getting everything ready for a c-section. Just at that moment, I felt something move down, something hard which was trying to push out of my body. The nurse happened to look and her expression was something I cannot describe. I do not know if it was shock or disbelief. My gynac rushed to me and upon checking told me that the baby's head has come down totally and they are going to do a normal delivery. I did not know what was going on. There were so many people around. Some of them pressed my stomach hard and asked me to push. I was trying to push and screaming and there, my baby came out! My angel gynac said "Ankita, your baby boy is here". It was 2.45 pm. I cannot describe the feeling at that moment. He was washed and brought near me and I kissed his forehead. He was whisked away after that and was shown to my hubby and mom. After that, he was taken to the NICU for a few hours for monitoring.

By the time I came out of the OT, all my family members were jumping with joy and making frantic calls to give the good news to everyone they knew. Although still in lot of pain, I was relieved and feeling on top of the world. I slept like a dead person after that. When I woke up, baby had already arrived and was being entertained by her grandparents. The nurse came and placed the baby on my chest. He was so beautiful and so perfect. It was not just baby Aayush who was born that day but a mom and dad were also born that day. I never knew I could love someone so much till he arrived. He is 8 months old now and what a roller-coaster ride it has been. Nothing changes a person like parenthood!


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