Because Har ek friend zaruri hota hai...
|   Apr 27, 2017
Because Har ek friend zaruri hota hai...

WE have different groups of friends..School friend, College friend, Building friend, Tution Friend, Train Friend, Bus Friend, Office Friend, Floor Friend, Class Friend, Whatsapp Friend, Face book Friend, Twitter Friend etc etc. The following are a few traits of friends that we have in every group.

1.The social Activist

Well this friend is aware  about the current affairs of the World and is all set to protest over the Syria Bombings or the cross border terror attacks. She has her opinions about every political decision made by Modi. She may present herself as the next Prime Minister candidature but shy away when it comes to doing real work  for the society. 

For eg: She will post angry tweets on the poor conditions of the road or even about the street light not working. 

2. The Filmy Friend

She eats, sleeps and breaths bollywood. She knows more about bollywood than probably Taran Adarsh or Anupama Chopra know. She knows all the dialogues of DDLJ byheart and still is awaiting for that epic Train scence to happen with her. She mouths all the dialogues of Geet from Jab We Met, when she has to face any problem in life. She loves Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor more than herself.

3. Miss Fashionista

She has the latest accessories and is picture perfect even when she wakes up. She knows which filter to use on Instagram and knows how to take the perfect selfie. She knows how to match a Tote Bag with the Crop Top and BoyFriend Jeans or how to walk perfectly in those 6 inches of Stilettos. Boys sometimes don't understand her fashion and girls are either jealous or in awe of her personality. She is usually the one who educates you on how to apply nail polish correctly or how a particular colour is out of season. 

4. The Mirror Lover

She is a little self obsessed and likes to see her reflection on every single object may it the Glass Doors of the shop or the side view mirror of the car parked in the lane, or may be even on the windows and if she can't find any mirror she opens her front camera of her mobile phone. She always wants to know if her hair is in place or has the lipstick smudged a little post sipping water.

5. The Gossip Queen/ Loudspeaker

She usually knows all the gossip that happens in the college and sometimes even creates  gossip. She cannot do without bitching about  someone's boyfriend or clothes. IF that is not enough it is mandatory for her to inform the whole college or group about the latest gossip. 

6. The Body guard. 

Such people are usually heavy in built and therefore their primary role in the group is to scare the guys who stalk your girlfriends. They have a scary voice and are ready to hit someone just at a call. 

7. The Mummy/ Agony Aunt

We always have this one friend who's shoulder is always available for you to cry. If you stay in a hostel or away from your family she will ensure that you do not miss your family. She will go to any extent to make you comfortable by simple things such as a hug and listen to you and advice you on life. 

8. The Foodie Friend and the ever hungry friend

This friend knows about all the menus of each and every hotel across the city. She will tell you, which hotel serves the best tea at what time. She usually tells you about the latest dish introduced by the Hotel and the best food for the best season. She is also always hungry, which is primarily the reason why her bag is always full of snacks

9.Theburpy & Farting Friend

This friend does not care about the environment and wants to let the whole world know what he/she had for lunch today. After all a healthy burp is sign of a good Appetite.Similar to a burpy friend, this friend literally burns your nose with his fart.  

10. Miss Branded

From her hair to toe she is completely branded. She would prefer to die than to use an unbranded hair brush for her hair. She regularly visits the malls and is aware about who wore what at the Fashion week. You would dare not mispronounce name of any brand in her prescence. 

11. Dramebaaz Friend

Late at home, Lack attendance in college, this friend will convince your parents  and professors with his innocent acting that they always fall for his/her trap.They are the ones who usually help you out of a messy situation.

It is not that only we women find such traits amongst our Girlfriends. Even men sometimes have similar traits too. But as they say... "Har ek friend Jaruri hota hai"

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