How Smart Phones are making us dumber
|   May 31, 2017
How Smart Phones are making us dumber

Actually I was planning to write a blog on another topic but the amount of red lines that came under my words, while writing urged me to write this article.Smart phones are now a part and parcel of our lives, we spend anywhere between 2 to 4 hours easily with a smart phone during a day, knowingly or unknowingly. The habit of checking our phones every 10 minutes has made us detached from the world. But apart from the health hazard that the same Whatsapp (This is a correct spelling yet the red line will appear below the word Whatsapp) forwards talk about, there are many other ways in which the smart phones are making us dumber and in some cases even retarded. 

1. Auto Correct

Many of us admire the Auto Correct features that we have in our phones as now we can have perfect spellings without even having to learn them. This feature may reduce our need to study spellings but many a times we do not realise (again another red line for realise because  the Americans say Realize), the necessity  of knowing the correct spellings. During our earlier days, we were asked to read one page of a dictionary daily so that we could improve our vocabulary. Dictionary and Wren and Martin were constant companions of anyone who wanted better English. With Auto Correct features in our phones, we do not have an option to neither think about the words or their spellings or to even use words of our choice. Some how Auto Correct features have killed the beauty of our conversation by restricting the use of new words. Auto Correct many a times suggest us the choice of words, which kind of dominates our minds and we stop using our brains while conversing. 

2. Bad Grammar

If not knowing spelling was bad enough,Smart Phones have introduced a new language "The SMS" Language, that our teachers would call it then. While the SMS Language is nothing but using shorter versions of the words that are already available. Thanks to the limited characters to about 250 during the Nokia days, we had per SMS (during those days per SMS  Cost 3RS. and an additional word meant an additional Rs.3 was lost), people started to cut down words, without considering the spelling or grammar. 

For Eg:- I Wl b dwn in 10 min instead of I will come down in 10 Minutes.

As time passed, we have now almost forgotten on how  to write a complete sentence. Even though this may now look harmful to some people but this culture is slowly killing the languages. With the sticker features being introduced in our phones now we have almost started showing features of monkeys who talk animatedly, than the human beings. 

3. Detachment from the Surrounding

You go out on a date, the couple is busy checking work emails, You see a cool college group, they are busy on social media. Many a times while travelling people don't realise who is standing next to them. 

For Example:- Earlier when people took public transport, they conversed with each other, shared ideas, formed strong bonds and were almost like a family member.

Today, when we see the same scenario every one is busy staring at their phone screens. The Smart Phones may have made us smart by keeping us updated about the traffic but it is made us equally socially detached.

4. Socially insensitive

Today if a person sees an accident, the first thought that comes to his or her mind is to click photograph of the victim and post it in Facebook to get maximum likes. Whenever, a girl is harassed in a public place, people prefer to click pictures of the girl being harassed rather than going ahead and helping the girl. Our obsession in being foremost at social media has made us insensitive. The head phones in our ears have made us turn a deaf ear to all the world problems.

5. Social Media Obsession

We do not go to a Restaurant to eat but to upload food Photographs on Instagram. We do not go on vacations to relax with our family but to check in on Facebook and show off to the whole world. We do not talk about a cause because we care, we talk about a cause because we want maximum re tweets. 

In the age of social media we are more inclined to please others than to relax. Our Obsession to be better than others is increasing day by day. Sometimes it is also cool to not be hooked up on Social Media and live an individual life. 

These are my own views and opinions.. after all Mah Lyf !!! Mah Rulez !!! RIP English...............

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