Nail Diaries - A timeline of your nails
|   Sep 02, 2016
Nail Diaries - A timeline of your nails

Hello Mommies, one of things that we absolutely love doing for ourselves is taking care of our nails. In some or the other ways Nails do play an important role in making that huge first impression. 

Here is the small timeline about how our nails grow and how from being extra careful about your nails you become careless about your nails. 

Age: 0 to 5 years

Your nails are thin and fragile. In your earlier days almost like paper. Subsequently, they become stronger. It is during this time period, that we also secretly apply those fancy nail colours, which our mom's hide  in their cupboard. Sometimes when we cannot find a  nail paint, even water colors or crayons were used as nail color. It would be very rare that someone would allow you to paint your nails.

Age: 5 to 15

 The best memories that we have about our nails during this age are those mandatory nail cuts we needed every Sunday. In case if we missed it even by mistake, the next day would be a disaster. Yes those surprise nail inspections are one of the most scary memories that we have. Those were also the days when we would apply nail colors on our toe nails because the socks covered them and vacations were loved the most because that was the time when we could flaunt our long nails and varied nail colors. 

Age: 16 to 35

These were probably the best years for your nails. You regularly went for your Manicure and Pedicure sessions and are extremely careful about your nails. Chipping of your nail color, broken nails, uneven nails meant hell had broken loose. Every activity we did involved on a complete detailed analysis on what would be the side effects on your nails and nail colour. Nail tatoo, Nail Art, Nail Piercing and what not, just say it and you had done it all. Nail Spa was your heaven. For you your life revolved around those perfect nails.

Age: 36 to 55

It is a big deal even if you can remove your old chipping nail color. You just apply a plain nail color on a Sunday if you have some free time. While applying the next color you barely make an attempt to remove the previous color. On certain days your nails also tell the story of your kitchen. Forget having a nail shape. You just have your mandatory nail cuts just like your schooldays. Sometimes while occasionally going for a function, either your daughter or niece forcibly paints your nails or you borrow that hideous color from them. You are so busy that sometimes you start working even before the Nail Color dries and you are left with a smudged nail color.

Age: 55 onward 

The only reason why you may paint your nails are because they are broken.Your nails now reflect the sacrifices that you made for your family. Your nails now are no longer a fashion statement but just a reminder on how you ignored yourself all through your life to live for others. 

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