Why I don't believe in celebrating Women's day
|   Mar 05, 2017
Why I don't believe in celebrating Women's day

Come March 8th and your Facebook Feeds and Whatsapp messages will be filled with pseudo inspiring messages celebrating woman hood. Do we seriously mean and follow whatever, we write or follow in these messages?

On March 8th, various offices will host special functions in their offices to celebrate Woman's Day, even though the female employees may be  temporarily happy with the sweet words and gestures, the company or the people who organise these functions just do it out of mandate. Even though, today to say women have become decision makers but how much of the decisions are implemented ?

I remember on the occassion of Women's day I had been to a seminar,organised by the State Commission for Women and Children. The dignitaries on the stage were discussing on how the number of reservations have to increased for women in Corporates. I remember one girl barely out of college, stood up and straight away told the dignitaries,

"I would not take up a job based on  reservation, let the Company select me if I am qualified and talented enough."

I saw a reflection of myself in her. I would hate it when someone treated me specially just because I am a girl.

Then the Chief Guest patiently explained her, that women need reservation in Corporates because unless Women are on the sernior post, the Company cannot understand the problems the women employees face and therefore will not make the Company Policies Women Friendly. I could barely digest this answer. I know her intention was good but practical, I really doubt. 

As a lawyer, I get a chance to meet different types of people. I have met women who were rock solid and literally saved their companies to women who were nothing but mere puppets in the name of position.

Really, do we need to celebrate this pseudo Woman hood ? Is reservation an answer to the women empowement?

To uplift the status of women and to empower our decisions seriously, we need to change the thinking of our society. We need to teach our sons, to handle the competition out there, to accept to take instructions from women, who will be superior to them professionally. Only then, we can celebrate the real woman hood. 

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