Five ways you can lend hand to your wife now mom of your new born.... 
|   May 25, 2017
Five ways you can lend hand to your wife now mom of your new born.... 

Where are those days and nights filled with love and laughter? Where's the girl with air of freshness and liveliness? Where are the two of you with arrival of the third sharing your bed... And your wife... 

You as a husband might be wondering, whether becoming a father is gain or is it in  a loss as a husband. Right from when the good news break in, you have been giving end, sacrificing your needs, being patient with her mood swings. Well a little more time and effort then you would realise what life time investment you have done. Your wife will pay it back with her love and respect ... Well here's few last steps you can take to reach to your wife again.. Or say bring her own self  out again... Following is the healing therapy that your wife needs and that only you can be her therapist.... Given by your wonder hands.... 

Helping hand 

Sleepless nights, endless changing diapers, feeding, cleaning the mess, keeping things arranged is a continuous job for every new mom. Getting a helping hand with any of these chores is a great help. Also the parenting is a team task. So even if you makes the baby sleep at night or plays with him  at active hours,make the bed at night, get independent on your tasks will  fills your wife with  a feeling of companionship. It also shows your concern for her. Which would last forever in her heart. 

Magic  hand 

Remember the moment that little bundle of joy came into your life... Soft as snow.. Light as feather. Well six months on..  and bundle is surely not as light as it was... Especially when you have to carry him  all the day.. Run behind... Bend over and over again.... A grown up body which has moved a little in last nine months, it's too much exercise for sudden. Back ache, body ache, shoulder pain all so common with draining nutrients from her body. This is the time to show the magic of your hands. A good night massage once in a while could be relaxing for your wife. And the flow of love from your hands to her body will strengthen your bond with her and.... might light up the spark too... And may be more... Well the more might wait for a while.

A loving hand

Along with  exhausted body, your wife's mind and heart too must be exhausted with constant judgement she's getting from family and neighbours on her ways to handle her  child and her own concern of doing it right . In midst of all,  that loving hand of yours is all she needs. A gesture of love, a hand raffling her hairs, a little pat of appreciation on her back, an embrace to feel peace could uplift her spirit with new energy. 

Proposal hand 

Both of you are dealing with lots of new responsibility, new role as parents. Somewhere  you both might be feeling lost as a couple. This is time to reignite the romance. Propose her again... You two together  have been friends, lover, home maker and now parents. Ask her hands for the new partnership of life... A new relationship, more mature one.. A promise.. Of trust and togetherness. 

Cupid's hand

Rekindle the love spark... Arrange for date nights such as  candle light dinner at terrace, aromatic tub bath, movie date at your living room while your baby sleeps,long drive in cold breeze... 

Make her feel special to you, say" I love you" she wish to hear from you  . Tell her she is beautiful, she might have forgotten.  Ask her to dress up well, she might be neglecting herself. Take her out, she needs change too. Shop for her, she loves new dress. Dine outside, she must be tired cooking every day. Spend time with her,she might be feeling alone,  she needs her friend to laugh with, to feel herself, to drain out stress, a friend matching  her mental equation......  thats you..  

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