Literate vs Educated 
|   Jun 18, 2017
Literate vs Educated 

A boyfriend fighting with guys coz they passed comments on his girlfriend. A husband not taking stand for her wife being accused by his own  family. 

A girl arguing with her father on her decision to wear short dress at small town. Another girl seeking permission to marry the love of her life. 

A 22year old pursuing her masters ask her mother to  dump her plate after dinner. An 70yr old woman attending a marriage reception searching for dustbin to dump her used plate. 

A person fighting with every other person to prove superiority. Another person avoiding quarrels and wisely choosing battles to protect integrity. 

A mother in law stood for her daughter in law against her son's act of domestic violence. Another MIL, doctor by profession insisting  her pregnant MIL  for Sex determination. 

A two year old snatching every toy from another kid without sharing his own. A five year old ready to share and make friends but being bullied for her goodness. 

A young boy,  living a small village ensures electricity set up before getting married. An engineer working in MNC not allowing her wife to work. 

All of above stated are behaviour we must have come across at some point of our life. The point is to determine the reason behind them. Is it priority, morale, education, upbringing, environment that helps us in deciding of what is to be done.  

There must be few people reading this article who still couldn't make out what's wrong with any of the above choices made. But I pray that they must be only a few in number. 

For those who could identify with whats been shared here.... Its time to analyse. Analyse the society. Analyse the family cohesion. Analyse the humanity. And analyse themselves....An analysis of behaviour and reason behind such behaviour. 

It's very easy to say children of this generation won't be asking for permission before marriage. Often  we find mothers nagging their kids are unmanageable. They do what they like. But why is it happening?? 

We are empowered with higher degree of freedom, our hat is decorated with feathers of bachelors, masters and doctorate. Girls are given liberty. Majority of families are nuclear nowadays. Even if not, choices related to kids are rested to parents hands definitely. More and more village  are turning into town and cities facilitated like metropolitan. In short we are growing. Aren't we?? Then why is it  happening??Why youngsters don't find it significant to pay respect to elders?  Why simple hygiene sense is missing in them? Why getting drunk or trying drugs or getting laid with a stranger doesn't affect their conscience.??but are definition of adventure and fun.. Why girls like to date boys(multiple)  who satisfy their shopping desire? Why boys wish to have a long list of girl friends? With no motive of companionship and marriage.. 

The reason is our education..... Wondering how?? Take the  data of last few years and we can easily make out the growing literacy rate. But exactly how many are educated??? CONFUSED.... 

Well.. being literate,  able us to read, write and understand. Then what is being educated?? Those feathers in hat.... No... Those are professional knowledge to make us able enough to earn our livelihood. 

Remember our grandparents and great grandparents. I think they were the real educates. .. Minus the orthodox and mean ones... Well exception are always there.. 

But they use to live in society. And made efforts to maintain it healthy. Helping around at anybodies bad times. Never use to sit before elders or at least offer a chair for them. Food was never less for guests. Being self dependent for ones routine task . Enjoying the achievement and happiness of others. And the famous dialogue - when elders get cosy younger don't poke their nosy. 

A girl's  integrity was a voluntary responsibility of whole neighbourhood. Unlike the present time where each one is smashing every other persons character. And I am not blaming only the MMS makers... The bad tongue is good enough to serve the purpose. 

The question is where are we heading towards?? We wish for the best schooling and career for our kids. We search for most eligible partner who can care for their happiness. We focus our kids to earn more and more to attain  a class in society or to own more and more properties and investment to be secured even after their retirement. Is there something wrong with this??? NO 

Not only our kids but we also shape our own life to help them achieve the above stated. We choose our partners considering  the practicalities of life not just love.We plan single or at most two kids. We work, both parents.. Double income benefits.. We choose not to live with in laws to avoid interference and to avoid waste of our time and energy that we have to put in serving them.Do I mean we are becoming more selfish and materialistic because of these decisions??? HELL NO

We are being  wise at aiming for a settled life... Not an easy life. 

Then what's the matter of concern here...  is to bring the focus of individuals and society as a whole in shaping the development of very important aspect. 

Consider the amount of money we spend in raising a kid, schooling till he start earning. The total amount is good enough to make a house, buy a car and arrange for twenty more years of his life. Plus he would definitely earn some of his own. 

More than doctors engineers teacher MBA collectors our society need educated and cultured people. We need more educates than literates. For making our society a better place to live in... So parents and every guiding person who help in shaping the personality of an individual, focus on the very important aspect of individual. 

We all must acknowledge that speaking politely and respectfully is more melodious than English. Discipline is better than degrees. Respecting every human being is higher than any power. Giving space and freedom of choice is more important than being the dominating one in relation. Love is more precious than any jewellery. Character and integrity are valuable virtues. We as a society should take the responsibility to initiate such development. And the most smallest element of society is the individual in a family. So be the change. And to all mothers out there bring the change. 

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