Be Bold For Change: With A Smile
|   Mar 15, 2017
Be Bold For Change: With A Smile

Messages and calls flooded in my mobile wishing me on women’s day. Yes, I am happy receiving messages from friends & acquaintances. I am introspecting on what I am happy for. Am I Happy for being a woman….hmmmm yes definitely. This year’s campaign message on International Women’s day is “Be Bold for change”.

Women are always bold……bold for facing all the challenges of life. Aren’t we women bold from dawn till we go to bed? Every day we get up in the morning and face innumerable challenges. First and foremost is the kitchen. Everyone needs delicious food and our challenge is not only to make it tasty but also it should be healthy and nutritious. Second challenge is children. From waking them up to making them ready for the day. It’s a really big struggle every day. Home works, projects, study, exams, tantrums, bruises, broken faces, dirt clad dresses, running noses and the list is endless. To face these challenges we become story tellers bearing a smile. We try fit in their shoes, play with them, laugh with them, teach & learn with them.

Third is the husband, the older child of our life. Here no story works, no explanations or excuses work. One has to become a silent listener to all their criticisms, eccentric behaviors (putting wet clothes on the bed, stinky shocks here and there, keeping all their things here and there…blah blah) and nagging comments. They are proud of being boys and are taught to show their supremacy over their wife. One just can’t satisfy them. If wife protests then husband will say “Don’t bring your theories to home. Be practical. You can’t ask equality in everything. I go to office and work so hard. What do you think shall I do these house chores and stay at home? What you do at home the whole day. Can you manage both house chores & office work?”

Fourth are situations where we have to be bold enough again opt for silence. Otherwise there will be a storm in the tea cup. We are bold to face deadlines of the office, bold to face the superstitions and stigmas of the society and bring changes. We also show boldness to face criticisms from family members and the society. We are extremely bold to stand alone like Devi Durga (the Dashavuja) & face eve teasers, thieves & goons in the streets.

We are bold and we have brought changes. Examples are many. From our mothers to our daughters we have come so far. Yet is this society ready to give us equality? What do they fear about us? Why we are always asked to adjust in every situation. Is the society bold enough to give the other half equality?        

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