I owe my confidence to my brothers.....
|   Dec 06, 2016
I owe my confidence to my brothers.....

“You have no idea how blessed you are to have these two little brothers”, my mother would always say.

“Blood is thicker than water”, says Dharamendra in some 80’s movie.

I have always loved my siblings immensely and so have they. For me, they have been a part of my soul. My mother tells me that I never fought with my brothers the way siblings do rather I have always been this over protective sister. Younger by three and twelve years respectively, I took up their responsibility wholeheartedly without anyone asking me to do so. From their studies, homework, friends, food to their clothing, outings etc., I was concerned. Probably because deep down inside I knew I had this confidence and wisdom to take care of my naughty brothers. I had to know everything about them and I was a part of everything they did as well. Both of them have always looked up to me and considered me to be their ideal. They confided in me about their puppy love and serious relationships. Rather, they sought my advice and cried on my shoulder whenever they had their heart broken. We also had our first cigarette and first beer together.

Amidst all this perfect relationship, we witnessed a lot of sibling rivalry in our family. My uncles were fighting over property, they stopped talking to each other. My aunts stopped visiting on special occasions. Family functions were celebrated without family. All those sour relationships, made me question the need of siblings. I started asking my mom, “what is the point of having siblings when everyone fights on growing up?” “A loving festival of Raksha Bandhan turns into just another day.” “Once inseparable brothers become foes.” All these questions kept on bothering me and I kept on bothering my mom looking for an answer. Innocently, all that my sweet mom used to tell me,” Don’t worry my doll. All this will not happen with you. You will understand the value of siblings at the right time. Just make sure to be with each other through thick and thin.”  And with time, all those questions faded.

Little did I know that my mom knew life better than me. I got divorced after being married for two months at a very young age and came back to my parents. I was welcomed back with the same love, respect and warmth. But I wasn’t the same anymore. I was down in the dumps, shattered, heartbroken and miserable. My parents tried every possible approach to help me come out my depression, but I was totally devastated and nothing seemed to work for me.

Until one day, my resilient brothers took charge of their traumatized sister. They didn’t give me any motivational talks, because, they believed in action more than words. They encouraged me to work and stand on my own feet. Every day, without fail, they would take me out for either a movie or dinner and at times it would be just a drive where they would crack silliest of the jokes. I wouldn’t even smile but they still continued to pull my leg. They would take me out partying with their teenager friends because I was running away from my own friends. Their love and concern knew no bounds. All their days and nights were spent in thinking how to make their sister happy. Both of them didn’t leave any stone unturned to help me come out of my shell. I can proudly say that what they have done for me is commendable.

This continued for several months until one day I had the confidence to step out of the house on my own. I went for a job interview and got the job. I clearly remember making the first call to my brother to break the news. Both of them were extremely happy and relieved. I am an independent girl now, doing well for myself. Now when I look back, I am reassured that why siblings are important in life, especially mine. I owe my confidence and my smile to both of them. I thank my parents who gave me my wonderful brothers and I am grateful to them for their brilliant upbringing that has strengthened our bond. Today I agree that blood is thicker than water. Today I have all the answers to my questions.


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