Be a role model to your children
|   Feb 11, 2017
Be a role model to your children

My mother's world always revolved around us. After coming from office my father used to teach us, talk to us. We discussed our day with our parents. There were talks, discussion, healthy arguments in our house. 

We as a children, never had problems like anxiety. I never heard any child of that time who needed a councillor.

The scene is totally different today. In today's work culture and in the race of earning money, we don't give time to children. This time is compensated by expensive toys, PlayStations etc. Give time to your child. No doubt you can spend thousands of rupees in mall but set his limits. Say "no" when his demands are not worth. Teach him good habits and manners from beginning. I heard many parents saying, " let him enjoy. Later on he will learn..". This later never comes.  If your child breaks your mobile don't say "no problem, we'll get another one" to show your love or status rather tell him that what he did was wrong. Parents are role model for their children. If you don't want your child to watch TV or play games on mobile, you've to stop first. I have seen many parents who give mobile phones to their children when they disturb them. Never do this.  If you want your child to develop interest in studies, sit with him with his books, teach him and read yourself also. Be polite and well mannered to make your child polite. Children, whose parents often fight are highly affected with psychological problems and get negative thoughts. Watch selected programs on TV and restrict the programs of your child also. Watching crime/horror/action will add only negativity and violence in the nature of a child. 

Children are like clay and we, parents are the potters. The way we mold them, they will get molded.

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