Confession of an obsessed mother
|   Jul 18, 2016
Confession of an obsessed mother

Wait, what? Did I mention something called 'obssessed'? Yes, you got me right. Do I sound unusual? Because people often praise themselves and blah, blah, blah while they write something, which they know everyone will be reading. But I do confess that I am obsessed. And here goes the story. 

During my pregnancy days, I got this habit of doing Google search of everything, be it the weekly growth of my baby, breast feeding, baby nutrition etc. But one thing which glued to my mind like 'fevicol ka jod' is baby hygiene and cleanliness. I read somewhere that babies are super fragile creatures and need to be handled with care. They are more prone to germs and deseases and thus proper hygiene needs to be maintained. After my delivery, when my baby was in my arms, I just knew one thing that I have to protect her from all the bad things. And here began the story of my obsession. 

Initially when I wasn't very pro at giving massage to my baby, my mother asked the maid to do the same. I used to get skeptical whenever I saw her massaging my baby, and various questions would roam in my mind, as in, did she wash her hands properly? Why is my baby crying so much during the massage? Did she hurt her? Why is the maid scratching her head at this time? Doesn't she know that she will be transferring so many germs and dirt to my baby (how will she know anyway; foolish me). I used to sit during the entire session and watch her every movement sharply. 

Then came a time when visitors would come and see the baby. I just wanted them to see from a distance and to not touch my baby. But nothing seemed to work as they were all close relatives and friends. And it would have created 'Aan-baan waali ladaai' had I uttered a single word. But I used to do my part by wiping my baby's face and hands, once they left. 

Also, my baby is an expert in smiling at every random person at malls or public places. And this makes people come to her and express their love by touching her. I would just respond by giving a plastic smile and turned the other way. If you find me rude, there is nothing I can do about it. Because I would never touch a baby whom I don't know and especially her mother because it's quite obvious that she might not like somebody doing that. (Note: you can always carry a bottle of sanitizer and use it before if you can't control your urge of touching a cute kid)

One day I was giving my baby a stroll when a fly came and sat on her nose. I was like, how dare you sit and pee on my baby's nose? Just get the hell outta here. Ouch! Fly would also be thinking that it landed on a wrong zone. 

It wasn't just her hygiene which bothered me alone. I used to get extra protective and worried, every time she cried a lot, slept a lot (yes, you heard me right), peed a lot or pooped a lot (Lol). My mom was the saviour at that time, giving her suggestions and calming me to her best or else I would have certainly gone mad by now. Even now when I am worried about my baby, she is the one whom I talk to first. 

Either you call it being obsessed or extra protective, I don't have any guilt because it's just my immense love and attachment to her which compels me to do all these things. But I make sure that her happiness and playfulness don't get hampered because of it. I give her everything which she wants, after making sure that it's safe enough and let her do whatever she likes, be it keeping in her mouth or just playing with it. I make sure that I have done my homework well by cleaning every other things which come in her reach. 

I will conclude saying, do whatever makes you happy and satisfied and follow your instincts while taking care of your baby because they will be what you are today.

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