Travelling alone with the baby? Be ready for people's reaction and their super awkward remarks!
|   Feb 07, 2017
Travelling alone with the baby? Be ready for people's reaction and their super awkward remarks!

We went to our native place to celebrate our baby's first birthday. And once the celebration was over, my husband returned back to work. I stayed since I wanted to spend few more days with my mother. But my ticket was booked and was supposed to leave after 15 days. So I was supposed to travel alone with my baby and that too for the first time. Everyone gave their part of advises and suggestions and trust me those things made me even more panicked and uncomfortable.

I am listing down few of those below:

  • One fine day my mother suddenly asked, 'what if you need to go to the washroom at the airport. How will you manage with the baggage and the baby?' I swear, this made me real nervous at once. And trust me, I drank literally no water(few drops may be), so that I didn't get nature's call!! Thank God I didn't die of thirst..Blimey!
  • The man of the house suddenly becomes excited that I am joining him in no time and just one day before my journey he asks, 'how will you pull your checked in luggage from the moving conveyor belt? You will be carrying the baby in your arms. So none of your hands are free.' That left me thinking for quiet some time and finally came to the conclusion that I will ask for help from any of my fellow passengers or the airport staff. 
  • This is the most hilarious one. My mom in law dreamt just few days before my journey(such coincidence you see) that I have received my checked in luggage at the destination and when I open it after coming back to home, I find nothing inside. Somebody has stolen everything from it. I was about to get a heart attack at that time after listening to such adventurous dream had she not convinced me afterwards of not taking it seriously
  •  Few coincidences leave you surprised. Same thing happened when my mom in law told me that she had read in the newspaper about a lady who was travelling alone just like me with her small baby. And she asked a complete stranger to hold her baby for a while so that she could prepare her milk. And while she was busy preparing milk, the stranger fled away with the baby!! Oh Dear Lord, why you do this? Why such news when I am on the same boat? Mom in law must be searching desperately for such news that day or else such coincidences happen only in bollywood. Too much of drama!!
  • They will make you believe that it's going to be very difficult for you since you are travelling alone. Their every sentence will end with the fact that you are alone and time and again they will make you remember this fact. 
  • I felt like saying that if you are so concerned, why don't you come with me or give me company. It's easier said than done. So if you can't encourage me, better not make me feel panicked. 
  • Entire neighborhood will be knowing by now that you are travelling alone. They will come in bunches, just to console you or rather to make sure that you are nervous enough. If not, 'hum kab kaam ayenge'.
Just to sum up, my journey was super awesome with my baby. She didn't disturb me much. I just made sure that she was well fed on time. And there you go!! Your baby will be playful and happy. So don't get bothered about the remarks and their innumerable questions. Just follow your instinct and everything will be ok. Don't forget to call that aunty and tell her about your experience who once said, 'Beta tumse naa ho payega'!

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