What is it to raise a child single handedly in a nuclear family 
|   Dec 12, 2016
What is it to raise a child single handedly in a nuclear family 

Yes, I live in a nuclear family having only three of us, Mr, Mrs and the baby. Sounds pretty cute. Yes, it's actually fun having no one around. Just the three of us. We don't have to take permission for anything or we don't have to pretend pleasing everyone now and then. We can live our lives on our terms, without any bonding and restrictions. But then there are times when we do feel the loneliness. We miss our parents and siblings every now and then especially me, after becoming a mother. 

When our little one came into our lives, so came many responsibilities. I have been handling my little one all alone from the time she was just 3.5 months old. Initially my mother and mother in law helped me by coming over here but they couldn't stay for longer as they too had to look after their houses and had umpteen responsibilities on their heads. I too didn't force them much to stay with us longer as that would have been so unfair from my side. So finally they bid adieu, leaving a small creature in my arms, of whom I had no clue as to how to handle her without any support. Till now I had been so dependent on elders for everything that for a while I got panicked. I started regretting the fact that if only I would have learnt everything in advance then I would not have been in such situation. But nevertheless, I gathered courage and patiently started learning everything by myself. And in that Google search engine helped me a lot. I used to search for everything be it how to give massage to the baby or how to bath a baby. I would see the videos on YouTube for proper guidelines and in no time I started doing all these things like a pro. My baby was also happier now seeing mamma doing all her chores. And I tell you babies enjoy the massage and bath even more if their mamma is doing it. 

The most difficult part was putting my baby to sleep. She was so habituated of her grandmothers laps that she would cry and crave for it and would finally get super cranky. And then began the toughest part of soothing her first and then giving my best shot in putting her to sleep. This entire phase would make me tired like hell as I had to roam around to make her calm. But gradually she got used to me and would trouble me less. Finally I got adapted to the daily chores of the baby. 

But handling a baby all alone (of course my husband always helps me a lot) is not easy. You have to be on your toe entirely and hardly I get time to lie down or take a nap for sometime during the day. During night also she would be getting up 2-3 times to take feed. So its a 24*7 duty which you have to perform all alone. You don't have the privilege of handling the baby to someone else even for fraction of second because it's only you on whom the baby is entirely dependent. This truth sometimes bites me hard and I also crave for those extra hands and support so that I would get some me time. I too yearn for those few hours of sleep and relaxation without having any burden on my mind that the baby will be up anytime and it's only me who has to rush to put her to sleep again because there isn't anybody else. 

My baby has this habit of sleeping very less from beginning. She would prefer playing and hoping here and there other than sleeping. And this habit makes me super tired because she wants me as well to be actively participating in all her plays. Thus I find it very difficult to cook food for her. She would pull my pant and would get cranky seeing me busy in the kitchen and at that time I just want somebody to give her a stroll so that I am able to do my work without having my baby dancing on my head. 

Thankfully my husband's office timing is flexible and he has chosen the timing according to my preference. He leaves for office by noon and by that time I am done with almost all my work. But still, I would say that it's very difficult raising a baby all alone. There are times when I get severe backaches and body pains due to so much work pressure but still it's all worth when I look at my baby's innocent face and that cute smile. Her smile conveys her satisfaction towards me. And it makes my day, motivating me even further. 

I can do it!! I will do it for the sake of my baby  :) 


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