Your kids are your mirror
|   Jun 25, 2015
Your kids are your mirror

We adore our kids, no matter what we just adore them. But Parenting is not an easy task. I bet all Parents agree. I have been dealing with Parenting issues with my two kids and I have learnt a lot from them. They are my best teacher in life. They have taught me the most valuable lessons of life very simply. Just by being the way they are and by smiling all the way. One of the most important things that my kids have taught me is to LISTEN. My kid loves having long talks and long walks. So she expresses everything while we walk from what she likes and what she dislikes, what she saw on Television, how I behaved, if I missed a thank you somewhere, how sunny is the day, almost everything. One thing we all appreciate is having a good conversation. It is time well spent. 

Would you like to have your kids walk out on you? Why only kids would like for anyone to walk out on you while having a conversation? Most of us as parents just ignore the ongoing conversation with a child and walk out for things we consider more important which maybe cooking, facebook, a phone call or may be to catch a good dialogue on Television. Believe it or not it does not go down well with kids as well. And it does no good to their self esteem as well. They do the same when we talk to them, as they have picked our traits along the way. We as parents can complain all our life about the kids not listening to us anymore. But who's fault is it anyway? If we introspect, we can trace back every trait to a reason or an influence and most of the times the trail ends at one of the parent. 

Disciplining becomes very easy with toddler if you behave the way you would like them to behave. Please, Thank you's, and Sorry's can take you a long way but listening to kids can do wonders. She would listen to me if I listened to her. Ignoring is as bad as insulting. Kids love attention, attention and more attention. Surprisingly my kid listens to me with rapt attention when I talk looking into her eyes and most softly (to make sure she gets what i am talking about) and not when I am shouting on the top of my voice. She thinks it must be damn important thats why Mummy talking one on one and so softly. My kid responds better when I speak to her in private or explain her things the way I do to her dad. There should be a good reason to everything and she should have a choice to disagree. We need a reasons, options for anything and everything - so do they. 

Be the way you would like to see them become. Do as would like them to do. Treat your kids the way you want them to treat you. But with lots of Love, Respect and Dignity. They will love it and who wouldn't. Your kids are your mirror, whether you like it or not. But you have an option to change the view by changing yourself.

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