A wish to be a Superwoman
|   Mar 10, 2017
A wish to be a Superwoman

It was a Sunday night. Monday morning blues were already catching me. It took me good one and a half hours to put my little sweet devil to sleep. After much tantrums, story telling, singing and what not, the battle was finally won. I finally hit my bed for my 'Heavenly Sleep’.

Few hours later (as it seemed to me), I was woken up by a sudden thud. I opened my eyes to see the divine light around. I was at this strange place that seemed to me like a set of some mythological movie. As I looked around, I traced a little boy.

Totally confused, I inquired, “Who are you? Where am I?”

The boy smiled and replied, “I am God and you are in Heaven.” I laughed, I laughed hard. The boy was silent and still smiling, he said, “Don’t you believe me, number of times you have said that you have faith in Me.”

‘Puzzled Me’: And why are you here?

‘Probably God’: To Grant you one wish.

‘Puzzled Me’: Why me?

‘Probably God’: Because you have faith in me

‘Amazed Me’: Can I ask for anything?

‘Certainly God’: Anything, but anything for you only.

I was super delighted. Thinking hard, my brain started working twice as faster - come on, what do I want for myself. I started thinking of options:

1. Money - Straight away ‘No’. I am not materialistic !

2.Love - I have enough of it in the form of family and friends.

3. Happiness - Do I need to ask for it? Life has taught me that it's only me who is capable of making myself happy.

What else??? I was running short of time. I was fearing that ‘The God’ might change his mind. I started thinking about my daily life - Me hitting the snooze button of alarm twice and waking up with it’s third hellish ring, running to kitchen to prepare meal before going for work, in between my boy waking up and me leaving the cooking to my dear mom(in law) who serves the family with all love(But the guilt remains with me the entire day), late for office, skipped breakfasts, Headaches, struggle to finish office assignments, messy house, bills to pay, kiddo waiting for me in the evening for his park outing, dinner to be served and the toughest one - putting the little chap to sleep!

"Oh...I can't even drive." "My chapattis are not good !" were among my few other thoughts.

I was feeling self pity. I am so imperfect !

I cried out, “I wish to be a Super-Woman !!”

He Grinned, “Granted”

And there goes my alarm clock,the marvelous scene of heaven vanished. I was wondering if I actually met God. And then my hand pressed that snooze button as usual. I got up late. Again me, running and rolling to manage kitchen, my boy and to reach office in time but today with an incessant smile and hope that someday it might come true and I be a SUPER-WOMAN, managing all shows of my life with sheer Perfection !! Till then I will continue to love my imperfect self and be happy with my little struggles of life, as a woman and as a mother !

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