Love you Papa!
|   Aug 18, 2016
Love you Papa!

The other day, mumma was trying to force feed me to finish those last two spoons of porridge, you came to my rescue and told mumma not to, as I might not be feeling good and may vomit it all. I love you for that. Indeed I would have vomited.

I didn't want to sleep last night, Mumma was so desperate to put me in bed. Thanks for negotiating with her that one extra hour of playtime for me.

When Mumma told you to bring two bloomers for me and you brought four dresses along with, she gave that annoyed look to you; and you were so cool about it. I love you for that. And I love that black soccer tee. 

You brought the 'Chota bheem' rider and she said he has many toys. "But not this one", You told her. I was overjoyed. I so much enjoy to run around on it.

The flying doremon you added to my collection is amazing. When it flies, it thrills me and makes me laugh hard. 

I love the way you carry me in your arms during our outings. You joyfully agree to carry me and play with me while Mumma shops. Love you for that, Papa.

The car rides with you make me happy.

I so much wanted to go outside on that rainy day, mumma was not allowing; you took me by hand and held umbrella in other hand. Hugs and kisses for that!

Papa, you are my hero ! Everything is possible with you.

One more thing and most important, after all the disagreements with mom, you manage to convince her and bring a smile on her face. That smile adds to my joy. I need to learn that trick from you. Thanks for making my Mumma happy always.

A little confession - I still love to snuggle in bed with mom. Her warm cuddles make me feel good. And I am sure you don't mind that, as well.


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