Make the most of it!
|   Aug 24, 2016
Make the most of it!

I was in high spirits coming back from work on Friday evening. I decided to prepare kheer to mark the start of weekend. On my way home, I bought a packet of milk; and some raisins (I just love raisins) for a more delicious serving. I switched on the music, emptied the milk in a pan and put it to boil. I went to splash some water on my eyes to relax. The mood was setting in for a lovely weekend. My craving for kheer also intensified.

As I crossed the mirror, something stopped me. I looked at myself. I could see the reflection of my entire life - each year, each day, each moment of my life that had passed. Tears, pain, happiness, smiles, success, trouble - every lost memory came alive. Millions of thoughts rushed to my mind. Somehow I was not happy with the life I had lived. I Regretted for some of the things I had done and some others which I should have done but I hadn't. Regrets over something spoken and something unspoken. I wished that I could change certain things and times.

'Ah, the milk' , I completely forgot. I rushed to the kitchen, half of it was already spilled. I was numb. 'Come on, move; at least dont waste the rest of it', this surge of thought hurried me to turn off the burner. At that point, I was not disappointed. Instead I felt elated, as that very thought clicked something. "At least dont waste the rest of it (life)".No point crying over the split milk. No point regretting for what has already happened.

Only a glass of milk was left, I thought of making the best of it; simultaneously decided to make the most of my remaining life, as well. Few years later, looking again into the mirror, I dont want any regrets. I would like to see my life lived to its fullest, with no possible desire left unfulfilled, with no right word left unspoken, with no wildest craziest thing left untried, with no dream left dissuaded.

I chilled the milk; and with a yummy mango, prepared a cool sweet shake. Added a scoop of ice cream with chocolate chips and dropped some nuts and raisins over it. My perfect serving was ready. I enjoyed every bite and sip of it, declaring the sweet start of weekend. Image Courtesy - Google Search. Credits to photographer with due regard.

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