Mommy's New Year Resolutions...
|   Dec 30, 2016
Mommy's New Year Resolutions...

It's that time of the year again. The current year is ending and the new one is about to begin. New year always excites me. For me, it is like a new beginning, leaving bad behind, moving on to something good. It's like I have been given a new blank book again, and I can write it's each page each day, as I desire. Every year I decide on rules to write on these pages, I set guidelines. I call these guidelines as new year resolutions. I believe in resolutions. People say there is no point in making resolutions when you are not able to keep them. To be honest, all my resolutions are not kept or followed 100%, but something is better than nothing I guess. 

I became mommy two years back. Since then my child is center of my life. This year I am making three resolutions, I call them mommy's new year resolutions.

1. I am not a perfect mom. I think all mothers feel this guilt of not being perfect. My boy sleeps late, skips his afternoon nap these days. Some days he doesn't eat balanced diet. I don't read him books on daily basis. The potty training is not yet completed. I do things like blackmailing and other tricks (which are not considered good) for making him eat, sleep and doing other things which he doesn't want to do or stopping him from being notorious.

I have decided to stop worrying much about these. I will definitely do my best as a mom, but I won't strive for perfection anymore. I am just gonna enjoy my kid's childhood. 

2. Less use of mobile when I am with my toddler boy. I don't use mobile all the time but I confess I need to cut on my mobile usage time. So, this is my another resolution to keep the monster mobile away when I am with my kid and with other family members as well.

3. Third one is about Self care and Self love. A healthy and happy mom raises healthy and happy kids.The mommy deserves some pampering ! So, I am not going to ignore myself. I will take care of my overall health. Planning to include walk/exercise in my routine. Also, I will spare time for personal grooming, "Look good to feel good" as they say. 

So, This is my list of new year resolutions. Please share yours !

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