"My mom is the best!!"
|   Mar 15, 2017
"My mom is the best!!"

It was women's day. I was scrolling my fb, there flashed clippings from Mira Rajput's interview. I quickly checked out. The now familiar "Puppy Remark" jolted me a little. Being a working woman, I didn't like it. I moved on, putting that thought aside. The very next day, I came across some open letter to Mira Rajput from a working woman.  Then came more open letters, more comments, more trolls for the lady. I was shocked to see so much rage in the working women. Then few stay at home moms, also wrote. They felt that Mira is not in anyway endorsing them nor she is one of them, so why they are judged by working women for her remarks. Working women justified and glorified themselves, so did home makers. There were others who pointed out why Mrs Kapoor is judged, she just shared her views. Few said we are giving unnecessary importance to her views.

I am not writing this piece to favor or to speak against what Mrs Kapoor said. 

I am just shocked to see the entire clan divided in two - working moms and stay at home moms.

We all are different, our situations are different, our lives are different, so are our choices. But we have one thing in common - We all are moms. If someone goes out and work that doesn't make her less of a mom. Same goes, for home makers as well. Both are equal. Both should be respected for their choices. No mother love her child more or less than any other mother; this is my opinion. Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom or a work from home mom, it doesn't define your love and concern for your child. Every mom gives her best to her child or at least tries to. 

Ask any child,"Which mom is best?".

I bet the answer would be, "My mom is the best !!"

So, I would say all moms are best. 

Cheers to all of us !

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