Smartphones making people dumb!
|   Sep 01, 2016
Smartphones making people dumb!

The alarm in her mobile goes at 6 AM. Priya heads towards kitchen with mobile in her hand. She prepares tea for herself and her father in law, simultaneously chatting with her friend, Ananya , in US. 

She goes to garden with the tray of tea and cookies, where the dad was reading newspaper. She greets him. Her mother in law has gone to temple. As she settles, dad asks about Purav, her son, if he slept in time. The phone beeps. Dad asks again. She says, "Yes. He slept in time. Sorry, I was talking to Ananya". Dad asks about the plans for mom's birthday tomorrow. She says she will talk to Jai,her husband, and they will be getting some surprise gift for mom.

After preparing meal, she enters her room. Jai was already up. He was surfing his phone. Priya asks him to share her pic with Purav he clicked yester night. Priya uploads the same on her Facebook. Meanwhile, Jai gets ready for office. Priya serves him breakfast.The phone bell rings. It was her friend Shreya. She tells about amazing sale on Myntra. Priya says she will check.

As she waived Jai goodbye, her mobile beeped again. "Swati just commented on your picture, it says-Superb". She tells Jai, "Look, I have got 20 likes on my picture and 5 comments in 1 hour". Jai asks who is Swati. Priya replies, " She is an old school classmate. I haven't talked to her since ages". Jai leaves.

Purav wakes up. He is 3 now. They all settles on dining table for breakfast. "You forgot to add salt in Poha. ", mom says. "Oh..Jai didn't tell. Wait, I will get some".

As Purav was playing with his new car, she started surfing her mobile for Myntra sale. "Mumma, see papa has come in car", says little Purav. She looks at his toy car, smiles and continue checking the sale. " Mumma, see papa comes again in my big car", again Purav interrupts. She responds with "hmmm". Purav starts crying as he was not getting all attention. She leaves her phone and plays with him.

It was then story time for Purav. As she was telling story to him, her mobile disturbs again. It was a Facebook notification, she quickly checked.When Purav finally slept after his lunch, she got time to surf her mobile again. Suddenly she remembers that she forgot to talk to Jai about mom's gift. She calls him and they decide to go market in evening. 

In the evening, Purav wanted to go to park. "Papa is about to come, we will go for shopping", Priya tells him."No, I want to go to park right now", Purav says stubbornly. "We will get you a new toy", Priya tries to bribe him. "No no...Park only", Purav was almost crying. The culprit mobile beeps again. Priya checks, "Give me a minute". Then suddenly Purav snatches the mobile from her hand and threw it. It breaks into pieces. Priya slaps Purav and he starts crying. Just then Jai enters the room. Priya was also in tears. Jai hugs Purav, consoles him and tells him what he just did is not right. He tells him to say sorry to his mom. As Purav says sorry, Priya hugs him, but she continues to cry. Jai says, "Come on, it's just a smart phone. I will get you a new one". "I am not crying for phone. I am crying for Purav. How can I hit him! He was just asking for my time and attention. And I don't want any more smart phone.", replies Priya.

This is not only the story of Priya but many of us and it goes equally for both genders. The world has become crazy with smart phones. We have time for virtual friends but not our family. Husband wife are up till late and both are busy with their respective smart phones; this is a common scenario. Another scenario- Family members sitting in same room with their mobiles in hand and no one is talking to each other.This is a very sorry state.

There is always a compulsive instinct to check mobile before going to sleep, the moment we wake up, while on romantic date with our partner, while spending time with kids, while talking to our elderly parents and even during office meeting.Poor internet connectivity frustrates us, low battery annoys us, network issue fuels our anger. Smart phones are adding stress to our already stressful life.

I am not against smart phones and social networking; but sometimes I do think, "Aren't these smart phones making people dumb? Is it worth connecting to the world at the cost of distancing with our own family?"

PS: This post was in my mind since very long. But I was not getting time to scribble these thoughts. Taking time out, meant for my little one, to write down at least this one, was not feeling right. I am writing this while my champ is deep asleep :) .

Hope this post be able to influence my readers and they optimize the use of smart phones.

Image courtesy- Google search. All credits to photographer.

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