Social networking, chatting and more...are we really connected?
|   Jul 28, 2017
Social networking, chatting and more...are we really connected?

There were days when we wrote letters to family and friends. Then came time when we connected through phone calls. And these days, chatting and social networking are the prime medium of connection.  There are definitely many benefits associated with these networking and chatting medias. But excess of everything is bad. Certain thoughts are ringing in my head since long; I thought to pen them down.

  • I reluctantly created Facebook account few years back, under peer pressure. I immediately connected to few good old friends; I was excited. I pinged one of them. After exchanging few goody messages, I asked her number. I so much wanted to talk to her; I called her there and then. She disconnected and messaged that she was busy and would call later. I waited for weeks and never got that call back; though she used to comment on my every picture posted. That was my first lesson - Facebook friends may not be real friends. People have time to like and comment, but they don't have time for real conversation.
  • A much younger relative once said, "I have 400+ Facebook friends, how many do you have?" I replied, " I have much less connections."
  • Years back , I used to get around 15-20 phone calls on my birthday from family and friends. Now, it is restricted to 5-6 calls and many many whats app and Facebook messages. I was way happy with those few hearty chit chat with friends over phone, then messages from so many acquaintances on Facebook now. The sad part is shifting of few close friends to 'acquaintances zone'.
  • I didn't call my two best pals on their birthdays this year, just whatsapped them; and I felt bad later.
  • A picture was doing round on whats app, showing family members sitting together, all busy with their respective smartphones. Another one, showing husband and wife with their backs to each other, connecting to the world !! Damn it, at what cost is this connection !
  • Parents creating accounts of small kids on Social Medias. Aren't they too young for it? Too much exposure is also bad, I feel.
  • Family and Friends Groups created on whats app, serving no purpose other than sending forwards.(with exceptions)
  • We are much delighted with number of likes and comments on our Social Media posts.  A friend, you haven't met since ages, comments on your picture. On the other hand, your child compliments you with a peck on your cheek. Which one will excite you more? I know, it's tricky. Because we want both. There is no harm in having both. But beware, the former may cost later. Don't be so lost in virtual world that you forget to enjoy the real world with real people.
  • Facebook is a heaven where all couples are lovely, all families are beautiful and all holidays are exotic. Don't fall prey. Don't enter into that competition.
  • I am not against technology and social networking. As I said in the beginning, it has many advantages as well. I am in favor of optimal use of smartphones and networking. Our kids watch us, they learn from us. Let us pass on to them a good message.

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