Beautiful Minds
|   May 07, 2015
Beautiful Minds

We have stepped into a promising year for education – 2015. I commenced this New Year by completing a course in educational psychology and child development. It made me fall in love with the knowledge garnered from the latest scientifically proven educational research findings. We are benefiting from such work at lightning speed - thanks to our beloved digital era.

These studies are demonstrating that we are at a critical juncture in raising our precious children today. Social media is ensuring that such information can reach any person across the planet. The question is – are we seeking such reports? It also begs the question – is this valuable knowledge actually being applied in classes across our country?

A plethora of sites and pages are now flooding its way across social media, showcasing smart info graphics and informative articles on parenting and education. For example, I came across an info graphic which outlined – 7 ways to ensure teachers do not humiliate students in the classroom. It stated that:

1)    Give students the right to pass when you call on them.

2)    Call on all students equally.

3)    Avoid sarcasm.

4)    Pay close attention to both your own and students’ body language.

5)    Tell your students a story about a time when you were embarrassed.

6)    Ask students for feedback on your communication style in class.

This is great information! But is this really applied by teachers who are always on a short fuse? Do we have enough professional and mature teachers to match the quality of education we would like to impart to the next generation? Are teaching methodologies being constantly synced with the latest educational research findings? Are outdated teaching methods raising parrots? How can we ensure that are children are being raised as thinking adults? Will our children be able to shoulder the responsibility of leading each one of us into a bright, safe and peaceful future?

I would not like to single out teachers because as we all know – it takes a village to raise a child! My request is that parents, extended family and friends take on the onus of imparting valuable and lasting education to children in their environment. I would urge the parents and concerned adults to “like” pages such as MindShift on Facebook sites and get the latest research on parenting and educational pedagogy in their news feeds. Constant exposure to such eye opening knowledge on the correct way to raise children will ensure that each of us will do the following:

1)    Teach our children to unite with one another and stand up to speak out if they are not being treated with respect.

2)    Ensure that our children are being treated fairly by their teachers in school.

3)    Instill the love of learning and commitment to lifelong development in our children.

4)    Give them a safe environment everywhere so that they can grow up in a healthy way, think clearly and develop beautiful minds.

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