Because I am wife of an Entrepreneur....
|   Nov 23, 2015
Because I am  wife of an Entrepreneur....

My husband always wanted to be an entrepreneur even before he started his job. That was maybe the result of his management education and I always knew his plans even before we got married or I guess even before we started dating and I was always very happy that he has his own ideas and he wants to implement them BUT now... No its not like now I am not happy that he has finally fulfilled his target of becoming an entrepreneur... I am very happy and proud of him as not many people can take this decision of quitting their jobs (because that may mean giving up on a luxurious life that they have set for themselves keeping in mind a 'fixed amount' of money they get every month... trust me its not easy to give up on a lot of perks that come with a job)... I am very proud say that my husband has not been scared of facing all the challenges and he did his best to mentally prepare me for the same... He not only discussed it with me but he also looked for my permission before quitting his MNC job because he knew that the time which will follow can bring any kind of situation for us to face. So, he told me that leaving his job and starting up on his own may mean that we may have to cut down on our extravagance be it of clothes, eating out at expensive posh restaurants, going out on holidays to expensive resort destinations... He also said that we may have to cut down not only on the money that we spend but we also on the time we spend together... Well honestly I didn't even thought twice before supporting his decision because I knew that he always wanted to do this... In fact I even offered him to invest our savings on his work or even if time may go worse I suggested we could mortgage my jewellery and raise capital.... Thankfully that was not required as he is into education consulting and that requires little investment..

He started his venture in 2011 and four years down the line when his venture is quite decently established I look back and wonder how much happy I am with his decision... I realize that I could actually pen down the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur's wife... Here are few such points ----

Pros :

a. Your husband will be more satisfied at his work and this will make him more patient and loving at home.

b. When you work on your own all your hard work gets paid to you only no one takes the credit and the money.

c. If you both are from same industry opportunities grow for you as well.

Cons :

a. Because your husband is doing something he loves he would become work alcoholic.

b. Because he is working on his own he can not take leaves as frequently as he would have taken earlier which means you have more money but lesser time to spend it together.

c. If you both are from same industry he might always influence you to leave your job and join him in his venture.

Past four years have been years of great learning as we had to manage our finances our time and social get togethers like never before. There have been and there still are times of great frustration when I have wanted my husband's time but could not have because he had a project going on. There have been times when I have wanted to go on a vacation but could not as hubby already has his calendar full... At family functions, parties on festivals he would arrive late because he had deliverable. BUT yes amidst of all this I had given birth to our daughter who is 2 years now and at that time he had been with me in everything so I guess if a man has his priorities right it can all work... Also, these 4 years of struggle and consequent success have made me realize that if you support a man in his struggle he will not leave any stone unturned in his success to make sure that you get best of everything in this world... I know this because I feel it everyday..

And lastly like they say.. "Don't be a girl who is looking for a man with an empire, be a woman who wants to create an empire with his man."

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