Nothing harsh touches my baby
|   May 26, 2017
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Nothing harsh touches my baby

Ok so we all are very excited about the baby washes we use for our baby, the baby creams, oils, rash creams etc. etc. We buy samples, register for samples test them on our skin, feel it, experience it and then out of so many brands we boil down to that one perfect brand for our baby. But are we as much cautious when comes to baby’s laundry too? Well I know many of us laughed when we heard of baby laundry detergent, many are of the opinion that it is a bit too much, many call it show off. Elder generations tell us that they never used such things for their kids and aren’t they safe today, well there are infinite excuses for not using it and just one for using it “best for baby.” One thing is clear that, any clothes or bed linen that my baby is going to use is pre washed sometimes with an antiseptic too because we know our baby’s skin is going to come in direct contact with these things and that is why it is important that it is totally safe for my baby.


So I always knew that I have to be very cautious when it comes to the clothes my baby wears and the linen that she uses. I always used baby detergents to wash them. Not only are they milder in comparison to normal detergents but they are specially designed by dermatologists to be milder on clothes so that they, in turn, are milder on baby skin.  These are mostly made of natural substances and are free of phosphate, additional bleach or colorant making it perfect for a baby’s use. I often heard stories of why we should not use these special baby detergents because that way we are making the baby too sensitive. Well, I differ because when a baby is very young we have to be extra cautious about them (ok maybe our elders were not but we should only ask them how many of the current diseases and problems like pollution existed in those times) and when babies grow up they are already exposed to so much dirt and germs that a little bit of caution won’t hurt, their clothes after all are in direct contact with their skin.


Are we not anyway too careful when it comes to our baby? Then why not be a little more careful?

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