The play school saga
|   Apr 18, 2016
The play school saga
Play school story...

In one of my earlier posts I have mentioned my dilemma over what is the right age to send kid to play school... I was confused whether I should send her at 2 or shall I wait for her to turn 2.5... Well after much thinking and introspection we admitted her to a playschool when she was 27 months (there goes a saying in hindi "na teri na meri.") And I was very apprehensive as to how she will react and my apprehensions grew when many people tried to discourage me by saying that she is very young right now and that she won't be able to manage blah blah blah blah.... My apprehensions were coming to reality when everytime I used to drop her to school and she used to cry loudly even when I used to turn my back I was able to hear her wails.... This happened for 10 days and suddenly on 11th day when i dropped her she acted as if she is crying and started playing as soon as he saw that I am not in the sight (I was hiding behind a pillar) and then I reached 5 mins earlier to pick her up and similarly kept myself hidden behing a pillar and I could see that she was happy playing with other kids enjoying rides and running here and there, that time too she acted as if she is crying only when she saw me... It is then that I realised that it's not that kids don't like going to school it's just that they have to break their comfort area and come out of it and they cry because they know that our parents will take us from here if we cry...

Now after few months of her admission  my daughter wants to go to her school even in evening, even on weekends infact everytime... She has learned so much from just few months of schooling that I feel proud of my decision... All it takes is determination... My daughter was a complete mama's sticker few months back and the way she mingles with everyone now is miraculous, infact many of our known have said that sending my daughter to school was one of the best decision I have ever taken.. Her vocabulary has indeed increased, she has become very very friendly as compared to earlier, her knowledge of colours, shapes, fruits, animals has only increased and most of all she is enjoying and that's what my motive was... Earlier she(and me too) had o routine, nothing to do she had become gadget dependent but now she has a fix time for colouring, reading, playing etc etc.... Sometime for kids' betterment we have to make them learn the things harder way....

My tips for those mommies who are planning to send their kids to playschool :

1. Counsel/tell her about school before admitting her to one. Tell her stories about what happens in the school what all things are there (all the stories should be real ones)
2. Choose a school closer to your home. Travelling time is generally a pain for kids (untill they become teenager)
3. If you have choosen a school transport for your kid, try if you can travel with her (this will make her comfortable with the environment you can also introduce her to co travellers, teachers, drivers or attendants)
4. If you go to drop your kid to school make sure you wave her good bye and tell her that you will come to pick her soon but make sure that once you have handed over your kid to the teacher/maid/attendant you don't turn back to her even if they cry (till the teacher doesn't ask you to do so)
5. Initially the time for which you should leave the kid to school should be around 45mins, don't expect her to sit at the school for 2-3 hours right from the start
6. When the child is back home present her with her favourite thing to eat or favourite toy to play and tell her that this is her reward for behaving so well at the school (this will motivate her)
7. Talk to her about her school the whole day and ask her amidst the conversation "baby will go to school tomorrow" initially for few days she will say "no" in that case tell her laughingly or jokingly "no no school one must go", tell her how much her teachers love her and are waiting for her (trust me if a kid develops fondness for any particular teacher it makes this job very easy).
8. Make kid friendly with his books, bag and water bottle too, at this age any excitement works. Tell her to show her stuff to teachers the next day and then she will be more excited then you to go to school...
9. Keep on talking to the school teachers regularly as to what more can you do to make your kid comfortable in school trust me they will have best tricks....

PS : I have primarily used 'her' as I have a daughter and so I am more comfortable with using her....

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