Things I won't EVER repeat the second time!!!
|   Dec 02, 2016
Things I won't EVER repeat the second time!!!

After trying for a baby for almost a year a positive hpt raised my happiness to no leaps and bounds. I was scared but confident, nervous but excited. For first 3 months I was very careful about my pregnancy and took all precautions that were possible but post that I set out on a task of making my journey memorable one and I wanted to leave no stone unturned for my baby's welcome. Even after my baby was born I decided to make no compromises on her upbringing. But now after 3 years I must say that I have overdone a lot of things which I won't ever repeat the second time (if only the second time comes).

1. Do the pregnancy test before it should actually be done - So many bucks and hopes wasted months after months by doing the hpt without even waiting for a week after I skipped my periods... And finally when I got pregnant I didn’t realize that I have missed my periods till I was 6 weeks pregnant.

2. Do tell me hubby about it in a filmy way - So I did my hpt and got a positive result. I woke my hubby up (since it was early morning) and told him "hubby my hpt says positive." I won't repeat that EVER because he replied "chal good ab so ja." If this was his reaction for the first time what shall I expect for the second time?

3. Do tell the world about it in first trimester - So many people I have seen conceiving and not sharing the news until you one day bump into them. Whatever they say about the bad omen (buri nazar), I never believed in it but this time I will deliberately not tell anyone about it as my revenge from secret keepers.

4. Do take my hubby along for doc visits - So this time for at least few doc visits I am going all alone. Because last time my doc asked me to stop eating sweet things and hubby had literally mad me cry for ice creams. With him you cannot take any exception into consideration. Doctor used to instruct me something once and he kept on instructing me that same thing for whole 9 months. No policing anymore.

5. Do plan a traditional godbharai - So this time I am going to instruct my friends and cousins to organize a hep all girls English feel baby shower. Last thing I want on my third semester is wearing a saree, jewelry and still listening to relatives’ expert advice. I mean I have been there done that now this time I certainly want something different.

6. Do take 2 hours of walk seriously - So this time I am definitely not going to take that instruction of 2 hours of walk a day by my doc very seriously. With a toddler around I anyways cannot.

7. Do take maalish wali and house help lightly - So these two people become your support system for first few months after you delivery. This time I am going to try and then fix these two pillars of my support very carefully and well in advance.

8. Do ignore eating before labor – So out of anxiety, (I guess it was natural because it was my first time) I did not eat anything when my water broke and then when I was induced labor I could not eat because of pain and that made lose my strength right before the baby was about to come out. This time I am going to hog in labor too.

9. Do give hospital staff a nice time - So my 3 days stay at hospital was much easy for the hospital staff as I wasn't very demanding patient and when I saw other females pressing the button for help and again I felt bad too but later when I came back home I realized it is a good thing to call help every time you are clueless about the baby so as to handle the baby better when you are home.

10. Do shift from my room for first few days - So this time with a little extra effort I am going to climb one floor up and stay at my room itself. There is nothing more comfortable than one's own room and all you need in those initial days is comfort. So I am not giving away my comfort this time.

11. Do invite visitors too my room warmly - So this time you are welcome to visit me and baby but not most welcome to sit in my and baby's room for chit chat, chai shai.. Come, meet us and move to the other room so that I and baby can relax at our own ease.

12. Do spend too much money on functions and parties - So this time I am not going to spend too much money on celebrating with and for other people. Rather, I would keep that money for my babies.

This was about What I won’t repeat during the second time (pregnancy and child birth). I will come up with another post about What I won’t repeat during the second time (journey of motherhood) soon…

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