What does your Placard say?
|   Mar 02, 2017
What does your Placard say?

Before I start writing my new post I want to clarify that I am an Indian and my love for my nation knows no bounds and in spite of being an India to the core I am scared of writing my views on this sensitive issue because people around are getting really intolerant these days… In all the fuss that is running around Gurmehar Kaur and her placards, my attention was caught by one placard which incidentally is the most talked about “PAKISTAN DID NOT KILL MY DAD, WAR KILLED HIM.”

If Ms. Gurmehar’s mother has actually told her this and she believes it then what is wrong? War has killed many people on this and the other side of border and if all the martyr’s family end up holding the country and its people responsible for their loved one’s demise then they would either end up in making their life worse with revengeful thoughts or will end up living in a deep rooted hatred for a country and most importantly the countrymen (many of them may not have anything to do with war and other political stunts at all).  For a little girl who had lost her father in war and had started hating a particular religion, particular people and particular country, what better could her mother in all her sensibilities have told her to ensure that her daughter leads a healthy life?

I have no connection in defense forces at all and I have not lost anyone in war but I still believe that it’s only few selected group of people who create war and terrorism and it has nothing to do with the country and its men. I would like to go to Pakistan to see the beauty that its nature has but sadly going to Pakistan is considered a taboo. Keeping hatred in our minds will do us no good and maybe the culprits no harm. Here, I am not trying to support or oppose anyone and neither have I read Gurmehar’s other placard, I am talking about this one as I have read this one since there is so much news around it. Social media trolls on her placard are not seeming to be required and trolls by celebrities like Virendra Sehwag are really uncalled for in fact in my opinion it did not make any sense as well. Why promote hatred? While saying this I am not saying let them kill our people nor am I saying that I am ready to give away my country to them all I am saying is it is our responsibility to educate our future generations about difference between terrorism from Pakistan and Pakistan. I am not belittling efforts by our soldiers and the sacrifices made by them I am just saying that for sake of them at least we should promote peace. Yes, my blood boils when I see our soldiers dying because of firing from their side but my blood boiled when I see same happened to the school kids there. I don’t know what will I be called after this but I will still tell my kids that “PAKISTAN DOESN’T KILL PEOPLE, WAR DOES, HATRED DOES.”

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