What is in the weight!!
|   Jul 13, 2017
What is in the weight!!

Well yes, this is a fact I don't want to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight and the bitter truth is that I am slowly and steadily heading there (if only I could cry out loudly). Many of the girls have this dream of going back to their pre-pregnancy weight and fit into all those clothes again but not me. Well, here is my story.

I have always been a slim and fit girl all my life (ok not size zero but certainly not fat) and then after my mom’s sudden demise, my life crashed down in front of me and all I did to recover myself from it was eat and eat all the time, wherever I went I ate.. I ate all the unhealthy and what not stuff and since then my weight took an upward swing.. Post my delivery I had some relief because I lost weight drastically, I was around 10kgs lesser than what I used to weight before I conceived and it was like a dream come true and for a year and a half I stayed at that weight but as my daughter has started growing up and has become less dependent on me my weight is again on an upward swing and I am like nooooo I don’t want to go to that scale again..

Yes, I can diet (but who can stay away from chocolates, sweets, ice creams and yes not to forget mango shake in this summer). Who can go out and not eat all that fried stuff? Well ok, some people can but I cannot and since I am from a true blue Punjabi family, avoiding ghee, malai, the cream is next to impossible. In our home vegetables like bottle gourd (ghiya) and apple gourd (tinda) also taste like butter chicken and paneer pasanda, so I guess you know what I mean.

I have to alter all my clothes after every few months (and the clothes that I bought when I had shed those extra kilos I had to give away to my cousins owing to the cost that I had incurred I didn’t want to keep them for the sake of it). Now we have a wedding in the family after 50 days and instead of trying to lose my weight all I am doing is looking for plus size clothes. Guess I have made ways with my weight or over of it L

Any suggestions friends are always welcome…

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