Fun ways to learn with stickers!
|   Jul 01, 2015
Fun ways to learn with stickers!

As a teacher conducting activity classes for kids, I consistently noticed one thing - stickers are an all time hit with children of all ages.

Regardless of the topic being taught, as soon as I get the stickers out, all eyes are focused on the little colourful sheets in my hands. And suddenly I see the most uninterested child brighten up with curiosity. "What are these, ma'am? What are we going to do with these? " The questions start pouring in.

Stickers are an easy way to engage kids. Children are eager to do something with them. So, it becomes easier for the teacher or the parent to get the child focused on the activity. That's a huge problem solved in itself. But the question is, how can you as a parent turn this opportunity into structured learning time for your child. So here are a few ideas for you to try!


Make your own alphabet book

Take assorted stickers. Ask the child to identify each object and speak it aloud. Stress on the sounds of the word and which letter the word begins with. The child can then paste it on the page marked with the corresponding letter. A fun DIY alphabet book for the child to play with is ready.

Learning about animals, sounds and related words

Get stickers with animals and their habitat. The child needs to match the animal to its home. You can also add stickers for the sounds and babies of the animal. The child can stick all related stickers on one page and can learn all about the animal while sticking the stickers. Along with learning about different animals and related words, the child also learns about sorting, matching and correspondence.


Learn about countries

Stickers are a great way to teach a child about countries, flags, capitals and monuments. You can ask the child to stick stickers related to a country and make his own play passport.

Storytelling with stickers

For children who have just begun reading and writing on their own, stickers can make for great story prompts. Take stickers related to a theme and stick them as story prompts. Discuss the broad storyline and see how the little ones come up with their own ideas. Let them write the story in their own words.

Learn about places and monuments

Stickers can also be an interesting medium for classroom teaching. Get an interactive world map and stickers for places and monuments. Ask the child to identify the monument in the sticker and help them paste it on the map. Voila! the child just learnt not only to identify a monument but also to locate it on the map.

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