Ideas To Encourage Learning At Home!
|   Jan 29, 2016
Ideas To Encourage Learning At Home!

A child spends 4 hours at school and 20 hours at home. Are you doing enough to encourage learning at home?

As much as good education at school is important, learning at home is equally important for a holistic growth of a child. The interaction between parent and child at home can have a significant impact on a child’s language and literacy development. Nature and nurture both impact children while growing up. Nurturing a growth mindset and an enthusiasm for learning early on can affect the child’s education attainment in long term. Home is also a place where the child gets time to relax and explore at his own pace. Creativity often blooms in the quiet and stress-free environment at home.

Parents that spend quality time with their child build a stronger relationship and trust with their child, which is very important for psychological development of a young mind. So here are some MUST-DOs for parents to create an environment at home that encourages learning and creativity:

1. Encourage regular reading habits from early age. Buy a variety of age appropriate books that the child can explore at his own pace. Keep the books accessible to the child so that he can see them everyday and pick them up out of curiosity. Also, reading books at bedtime is a time tested good habit.


2. Be mindful of the games you buy for your child. Barbies and toy cars are alright. Just make sure you are also buying more puzzles and educational games too! Surround your child with quality educational games that will help create a positive and fun environment for learning.

                                               puzzle 2

3. Play more music at home! Rhymes, children’s songs, melodies, everything. Children love music and listening to songs will help them to improve their vocabulary, create a sense of happiness and sensitivity to good music and art.

4. Plan more Do-IT-Yourself activities. You can use household stuff or even purchase the ready-made DIY Activity kits if you are short on time. DIY activities encourage team work, problem solving and gives immense sense of achievement to kids.


5. Spend more quality time together as a family. Use this time to talk about what your child is doing at school, ask them about their friends, and things they enjoyed or did not enjoy throughout their day. You can also schedule a daily family routine like having dinner together or going out for an evening stroll together!

While you try these ideas, don’t forget to have loads of fun together as a family!

Because Learning Can and Should be Fun!

Team CocomocoKids :)

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