How do these KID-like-SENIORS live alone?
|   Jun 01, 2016
How do these KID-like-SENIORS live alone?

Ting Tong!!! The bell rang early morning (around 5maybe), I rushed to open the door thinking who must be there so early…It was Aaji next door asking for help as Aajoba (her husband) had fallen in bathroom and were unable to get up and there was no one to pick him up. We(Me n my husband) went and helped Aajoba to get admitted to the nearby hospital. Felt sad to know that he had got few fractures and its not easy at the age of 89.

So these KID like SENIORS (Aaji and Aajoba) live all alone by themselves. I have seen Aaji (her age would be around 85) carrying heavy grocery bags by herself. People from the building help as much as possible but hats off to the senior citizens. She manages all tasks like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. almost all alone with little help from the maid. Their daughter and son in law (who are working) who stay nearby comes every other day to help them in their daily chores. After Aajoba was back from hospital they kept a day time bai. Both of them (Aaji Aajoba and the bai have to adjust/understand with each other). You must be knowing you have to be very lucky enough to get a good bai.

The dentures, wrinkles on their face, the innocence like a child and an ever smiling face is what I get to see. It’s a cycle of LIFE…We experience everything from School, College, Office, Marriage etc and get a chance to live LIFE like kid once again as their grandparents. Its not the YEARS in our life that counts…it’s the LIFE in our years that count. So Love your parents, We are busy growing up. We often forget they are also growing old. So people out their share your experiences with these KID-like-SENIORS by commenting on this post. 

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