Product Review- Dabur Baby Massage Oil
|   Aug 08, 2016
Product Review- Dabur Baby Massage Oil

I had a very smooth pregnancy where at times I even forgot that I was pregnant and needed to be reminded. When we broke the news to close relatives, everyone was excited to share words of advice. Our local support and lifeline, a bhaiya and bhabhi of mine, were the ones we could connect to. They shared stories of the time when they had a baby. Bhabhi has helped her sisters through their delivery and is the perfect modern age dai ma. They explained how it is important to be prepared for the baby to come into our lives. Bhaiya also said that massaging the baby is very important. You should massage a baby every day. It gives strength to the body, the baby sleeps well after the massage and more the baby sleeps better is the weight gain. Also, the kid bonds through touch. Before this point I had not thought about all this at all. Bhabhi suggested that I should buy olive oil for the baby. I was shocked because to me olive oil is used in food, who uses olive oil on the skin?

Some childhood conscious reminded me of ‘Dabur Lal Tel’. I guess there was a memory of some television ad that I saw somewhere.


Time passed quickly and I did not get to wait for the actual due date and was blessed with a baby girl 3 weeks too early. For a couple of initial months my only interaction with her was feeding and sleeping by her side. Rest all was taken care by mom, mil and my husband. I had to just point them to the almirah with all her stuff and they were able to take care of it all. My girl was born underweight which was a point of concern for everyone. You have to be extra careful so that she doesn’t catch an infection. The doctor had suggested waiting for the baby to be 3 kgs before you start giving her a massage. My mother in law with all her research by means of talking to so many people reached a conclusion that we need to give her a massage with her. So we did.


I always had the initial advice in mind and was constantly looking for olive oil. To my utter happiness, one day I found Dabur’s Baby Massage Oil with Olive and almond on an online grocery store. A new product from a trusted and reliable brand is easier to try.


Both Olive and Almond in the same oil is a big plus. Almond helps strengthen the bones. I also feel that the odour helps the baby to sleep easily. I feel both these Dabur products have helped my child in gaining weight and have reduced dryness. My girl is 9 months old now and I have no complains at all.

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