Avoid heatstroke 
|   May 04, 2017
Avoid heatstroke 

Mother - the moment a women gets pregnant till the day she dies she constantly worry about his child health his food his everything. Every year temperature going up climate changing. More pollution more population more diseases more stress. As summer is here again on its peak it's very important to keep our child safe and sound from harsh weather conditions.Few tips to avoid heatstroke /sunstroke: a. Firstly keep your baby hydrated whole day. Include aam panna, lime water, lassi, buttermilk, curd, coconut water, glucose, soups, watermelon, cucumbers, cool shakes etc. It's ok if your child does not eat few things due to weather but make sure they drinking plenty of fluids. Set alarm for it . Keep ready ice cubes all time to add the cool feeling in their drinks. keep checking for clear urination.   b. If in school make them wear hat or take umbrella to cover them ,lightweight clothes with light colors will help, better you take four wheeler or some other covered vehicle to drop and pick from school . For older kids as there school hours are more make sure they keep drinking water to remind them ask their friends in bus or school stop and sports teacher. Check if your child school have good drinking water facility.  c. Avoid going outside sharp at noon. It's deadly temperature outside. If going out choose some greenery or lush green park . Go to mall or other shopping areas with air-conditioning. It's better to stay inside home if possible. See your home getting proper air ventilation. Plant small sampling in home for fresh air. keep all shopping job with your child in evenings only. d.Take proper bath two or three times a day. Avoid outside food totally. Cook fresh at home .Try to avoid skin exposure to sun keep it covered with cotton clothes, use sunscreen, sunglasses to protect your eyes,cover your head. Avoid excessive exercise if your child feeling exhausted.  e. Keep doctor's number always with you in case of emergency call .Always keep drinking water handy . if going for vacation as it's summer choose some cool destinations and enjoy  Most importantly mothers please take care of yourself as if

you are healthy 

your baby will be. Keep planting more trees and save water. 

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