Freedom for ever
|   Apr 28, 2017
Freedom for ever

Once I got born I was free from mother's womb. Is that really freedom. What is freedom?well what I figured out let me share and what you think let me know. 

After several months of growing in my mom's tummy I got chance to escape. Oh so happy everyone was. Love you mommy! I thought I was really free I am a free being now. Suddenly I grow up and found myself in small chair surrounded by other children ta da its SCHOOL. I loved my school days but at the same time someday I wish to ran away from it tried to bunk classes I want to be free from this boring lessons I want to explore my own. I just want to be me.  But who will come to rescue me. Hello..... Is there anybody.... I'm waiting nobody. Just like this another chapter of my life ended and I passed with flying colors in my board exams. So happy was my dad. I missed that day.  Anyway I am free again from the routine of school life. So relaxed. I was flying in Sky with the thought and again I was getting admission in college. I just shouted oh wao oh my God college my childhood dream came true.  What happened now. I don't know I got so engrossed in college studies projects politics and blah blah. Oh now I'm finally free I got my masters so proud my parents are. Awesome was that felling.  Yuppie I am finally free. Got a job. So excitement was in life. New job New place. But what is this again I got bound in office. Boss.,work,room...... Boss, work,room. This time I really want to change at least my job. Again my dad had plan to make me bound. Hey I am going to get married. Hmm finally I will be free wao. Incredible days in first year of marriage. One day my pregnancy test came positive. I was again on heaven I'm going to be mother. Mother the person nobody can replace her. I'm going to be the one.  Here comes my boy crying from my womb. Really I gave birth still didn't got the feeling. Again I am repeating the same cycle as my mother did.  You know guys actually we are never free life is actually not meant to be free. You are free that day when you die. But motherhood is such a blessing to us. Our heaven is here only. It's our mother.there is no freedom. God have his plans to make us super busy in our life so that we won't be alone. Life is to celebrate with your loved ones. It's the precious gift your family friends baby so cherish every moment with them.  Because one day you will be not here your memories will be. Your spirit will be free but you will continue to stay in this earth with your child. See you are not meant to be free. 

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