Lovable dad(grandfather) 
|   Jun 16, 2017
Lovable dad(grandfather) 

My grandfather (mother's father) was such a great person he was such a kind man and father. He was a proud father of five children.  He made his living by working hard in his fields. He got Married very early with my beautiful grandmother. Soon with the years passing by he became father. He loved his children so much. Whenever he went out to village market in his old bicycle everyone was sure he will bring some lovely snacks for all. He took good care of his offsprings and it was his duty at night to make bed and tell stories and make all children sleep. He was in charge for all their requirements. He used to love to feed his children with fresh fruits coconut water and vegetables right away fresh from his farm. In the afternoons he spend his time by swimming in near by pool with his little munchkins. If it was to go for a haircut or sweet jalebis or new clothes he was always there to accompany all. He was a great cook. He always respected his children decision and never forced anyone to obey him. He never ever scolded his any child. He was so obedient son and younger brother. In his lifetime he never fought with anybody.  As time passed his child went for education marriage slowly steadily he did all his responsibilities without complaining anyone. He did his best.In his old age he always waited for his children to visit him. And grandchildren were so fond of him and his ghost stories. I just miss this man. I will never forget his face and the calmness he always carries with him. Village people are so innocent and simple. They are so happy in their life's eating fresh and breathing fresh no stress. I think environment also matters to be a great dad. Before dying he equally divided his land property to all his children. Before leaving this earth he used to cry and called everyone so that he can see and talk his heart out. 

And one day morning suddenly he left this world without having any pain. He died very peacefully.He is always with me. I often see him in my dreams telling me his favorite stories. I miss you grandfather and thanks to make a wonderful child (my mother) she is just like you. 

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