Did you say NO?
|   Jul 25, 2017
Did you say NO?

The two letter word called "NO" looks so simple and easy to understand, but yet very difficult to execute. What do you think this article is refering to, about saying NO? Is it a "NO" to your partner, to your parents or to your friends? Well according to me, this is the most precious "NO" every parents should preserve and use appropriately for their children. The "NO" which shapes your child's development in both, positive as well as negative way. Lets have a closer look.

Negative: Just rewind your life and go back to your school days. What were you doing in the evening hours after school? Were you not out with your group of friends for outdoor games? Now see your child, aren't they busy with a mechanical lifestyle?Do you think only today's competitive world have made them so robotic to keep  them glued to mobiles, video games, TV and other electronic gazettes? Think twice, they might have asked you to take them out to the park or for an evening walk. Did you say "NO" we can't because Mamma is busy or Papa has not reached home or I am tired. Your No is forcing them to adjust to a lifestyle which is not really ideal for them. 

Now, from a different perspective let's consider saying "NO" for their well being. Did they ask for a mobile phone or a bike at a very young age? Did you say "NO" at the right time? They might have joined social networking sites. Is it really necessary for a school student to be active on these sites? Did you say "NO" to a smart phone or an internet connection? They have asked you to switch on the TV during meal times, did you say "NO" and instead helped them adapt to a healthy way of eating food?

As parents, we all want our children to be updated with time. But why these wrong lifestyle for them at a wrong age? We can instead choose to say no at the right time. A no which is actually life saving. 

Ellaborating the above two examples:

  1. Demand for a bike: Biking at a tender age is obviously not recommended since the body itself doesn't get ready to hold the grip as required. Saying NO will not make you a monster, rather it will save your child's life. Anthropology can give you a better answer as to which age group is meant for biking. 
  2. Demand for a smart phone: Is social networking helping them to stay connected with friends whom they meet everyday in school? Else do they need to hold a friend list who cannot be anywhere else other than social sites? Through this they are mostly into friendship with wrong people. This type of internet victims at teen age are very common, apart from spoiling their eyes, posture, spine etc
But why? Why can't we parents say NO at the right time ? Start saying NO. Fulfill their needs with time.  Take control of their lives because you are the better person to choose right things at the right time for them.Why are they interacting with electronic devices only? Show them the natural beauty of life without electronic gazettes.Let them feel the happiness of interacting with fruit sellers, grocery stores, vegetable markets and see life behind the shopping sites. Let them make friends socially, teach them life without internet and smart phones. Life is beautiful which they also deserve to see and feel like we did in our childhood. A world much more better than what they are living in now.  You can opt to say yes to the positive aspects of all the above mentioned examples but only at the right time. Know when to say NO. 

Please let me know your opinion and thoughts on this topic. Do share the article if you feel this message should reach to a larger group of parents.

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