Mirinda potato fries for kids snack
|   Apr 28, 2017
Mirinda potato fries for kids snack

Snacks time is supposed to be every kid's favourite time. And we moms never give up on filling their tummy with everything yummy. So here's a quick receipie to attract your child to the dinning table. 

Mirinda potato fries


Potato: 2 medium size

Cornflour: 1 tablespoon

Pepper: according to your taste

Garlic: 2,3 cloves ( optional) finely chopped

Mirinda cold drink: 1 small cup

Soya sauce: 1 tablespoon

Oil for frying

Salt to taste


Cut the potatoes in the desired shape loved by your kid. (Preferably French fries cut). Now make a paste of cornflour with little water so that it sticks to the potatoes well. Add pepper according to your choice. Coat the potato pieces evenly with the cornflour mix and ensure it is coated completely.

Now heat oil in a frying pan and fry the potatoes until golden brown on medium flame. Let it cook properly. Take it out on a tissue paper and soak the extra oil. Now double fry it on a high flame for 2,3 minutes more. Double fry will make it more crunchier and keeps it crunchy for longer time.

Again soak  the extra oil on tissue paper. Now put the chopped garlic in the same oil and fry until golden brown. Than pour 1 cup Mirinda and stir continuously. Once Mirinda starts thickening, pour 1 tablespoon Soya sauce and continue stiring. Once the mixture looks thick put the fried potatoes and mix until excess liquid dries out and potatoes pieces are left coated with thick sauce. Serve it with any burger or sandwich which will make the platter look very attractive for kids.

My advice: do not use extra salt because soya sauce will give sufficient salty taste. If necessary you can add during coating the pieces with cornflour. Also Deep fry is not necessary.You can opt for a medium shallow fry.

Well this can be prepared with chicken as well which is a hot favorite of all kids. If you like this receipie just hit the follow button and chicken receipie will be there at your fingertips. Do let me know your child's reaction to this awesome Mirinda potato fries. And yes thanks to Souvik Mukherjee for this unique chicken recipe from which I customised to French fries.

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