Is women's day about giving chocolates?
|   Mar 22, 2016
Is women's day about giving chocolates?

A few days back was Women’s day and quite a lot of people, both men and women alike in office and outside wished me a happy Women’s day. The office admin distributed sweets on the occasion.

I was amused.

In my previous organisation which was a leading entertainment content provider, where I was working as a project manager a year back, women’s day was celebrated with quite an enthusiasm. The female staff was greeted with a flower and chocolate at the door and a greeting card at the desk appreciating them for their efforts. All being a farce and I can say that with full confidence because of the way I was harassed during and after my pregnancy (I won’t go in the details and save this story for another time). What the point of celebrating and distributing chocolates on women’s day when the very essence of being a woman is not respected?

Is women’s day about giving gifts and sharing chocolates?? Are we purposefully demeaning the whole idea by attaching gifts and material things to it? The answer is a No to the first and Yes to the latter in my opinion.

Isn’t Women’s day about standing up for the equality, empowerment, respect and rights of a woman? This is what I found missing and hence, disturbing too about the way the day was propagated.

Every time a sister is expected to stay at home and learn to cook while her brothers go to school, every time a daughter is married off by her father to keep his honour and respect without her consent, every time a wife is expected to not voice her opinion to show respect to her husband, every time a mother is left alone to care for her child while the father enjoys, every time a daughter in law is harassed for not getting enough dowry, every time a women employee is paid less than her male counterparts just because of her gender, every time a female professional is not given her appraisal despite putting efforts all the year round because she goes on maternity, every time a mother is asked to resume office within 3 months of giving birth to her child because of organisational policy, the soul of Women day will be lost every day, every time.

I have not listed the heinous crimes against women here, these are everyday activities, routine instances where women are demeaned, disrespected, burdened and belittled in the name of tradition, norms, rules etc. Till the time we have these daily instances of inequality, till the time we ourselves put through many of these in the name of “chalta hai, aise hi hota hai” we can no way celebrate women’s day.

We have to stand up for ourselves and fight. Fight not against anyone but for ourselves.  Every day is a women’s day when we stand up against an injustice, when we voice our opinion, when we go out and can just be us. Next time you feel wronged, stand up for yourself and fight back. Every day is our day!

PS - I am not against any celebration, we should look for reasons to celebrate minutest of joys, all I am saying is, let’s not forget the true meaning of Women’s day and lets fight for what’s rightly ours!


Cheers to womanhood!





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