Beware moms
|   Feb 07, 2017
Beware moms

You will not be spared....Can a female  ever get freedom from male harrasment?????This starts with the onset of puberty and continues till what age ...only God can tell.....As a girl enters puberty she encounters so many changes in her  body.Similarly temprament of people around her change too.The way she is treated by everyone (ab tum badi ho gayi ho) . The piercing eyes of boys when she goes out...Age when mom keeps on calling after every 15 come back as she has played more than enough. Age when she is often confused and angry.  Age When she gets only half answers to her questions.Specially in indian homes where even basics about our body are not discussed...Even Birds & bees are taboo...whenever she steps out  of her home piercing eyes see through her.She feels very nervous...she cannot discuss all this with her mother...she  feels shy one and second  mother may think that it's her fault. At every  turn of the road , outside school or at marketplace she encounters groups of  shameless and ruthless gangs of boys.who are always ready with their lewd remarks and vulgar gestures.  Men feel eve teasing & harassing girls  is their birthrightšŸ˜  ... 

while growing up we  girls learn our lessons in our own ways..young girls initially afraid to go out alone eventually gets the heck of it...we learn how to avoid such gangs... which route to follow at what hour to avoid such nuisance...if need arises we are all ready with our heels to tackle such idiots.... 

  Then even We keep our hopes alive that at some point of life all this would stop ...Generally speaking we feel safe after attaining motherhood...( kaun chedega 2 bacchon ki ma ko) kinds.. But that's not at all true..In this society where double standard are prevalent a lady is never safe...Males get, I don't know some sadistic pleasure in troubling females...Age no bar...They will do what they need to do...Apni Ma aur Behen yaad hi NAHI ati us time... 

I am so upset because a recent incident shook me up...To keep our kids at par we take them to lots of extra classes... I had started going to one such class few months back... trainer was very good.. kids were excelling under his guidance & producing medals in many tournaments...His class was considered one of the best in his domain...parents were also very friendly and helpful... All in all perfect place to be ... Alas !!!!good things never last long... It started  as a rumour  about sir troubling some mothers  via messages... but was not taken seriously.. After a few days suddenly a group of mothers left the class... Again some hush hush talk was there...a little alarm was raised within me.. But lots of parents were coming & were very sure about his reputation..

One day when class was going on few policemen came to meet this "sir"..after some discussion we heard the sound of physical scuffle... As All the parents gathered to see what was happening , There was this gentleman who approached us...He told us about  the messages sent to his wife by this "sir" .. He had lots of proof ..Language used in them was just shameful...This so called " sir" was multitasking while training the kids...He was busy in looking at each n every female's figure and took great pleasure in describing them in the ugliest possible language.This had been going on for past many years, with many mothers..He used to initiate talk with one or two mothers from every batch by gaining their sympathy... Telling them about his poor financial condition , ill mother and unmarried sister...After gaining their sympathy he used to turn conversation towards gossip and lastly all the bullshit talk ...  

He was in for a surprise this time..This one woman had the guts to take him hands on...she took the pains to talk to some mothers & to her surprise many of them had faced similar situation. She was even more motivated to teach this "sir" a lesson after listening to all the silent sufferers....Along with her husband she approached the police and rest was history... they scared the shit out of this "sir".....taught him a lesson for lifetime. More than half the parents left the class...He will think a thousand times now  before repeating any such thing..

Tremendous strength is required by a female to raise her voice in our society..As she has to face consequences afterwards...As in our society a lady is always blamed ...same was the case here...she was blamed for being over friendly...Discussing your kids performance with the teacher is being over friendly????? Wishing him good evening  is being over friendly?? ??? How does these things give anybody signal to talk nonsense with a lady....... instead of supporting this courageous lady half the mothers were against her.. ..... This  husband  wife duo had done something that most of us would not dare to do......we do not want to  be in limelight for the wrong reasons....we keep mum on such issues and teach our girls to do the same.....

This is the reason "MEN" feel free to abuse women physically,  mentally and emotionally....If we can not be the frontrunners at least we could support those who are trying to bring the change...why gossip about a fellow female? why not support her ???????WHY????

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