Full circle
|   Oct 18, 2016
Full circle

Life in full circle....... it's been long when I was 8 n with papa at his medical shop.To please him and to coax out some praise for myself was all that I wanted.My little mind had ideas of my own..everything at his shop had to be at proper place, exactly like my mommies kitchen.by  keeping all the medicines at their proper place I accomplished the task and was admiring my work with great satisfaction .little did I knew  that instead of helping him, I was increasing his work manifolds.Instead of praises I had laid the groundwork for my first big scolding.So next day nothing was at its proper place.he had to find each n every box from all the corners of his shop......corners my little mind had found apt and best suited for those boxes.....from those corners to their designated proper places, lots of hard work it was....

Heaps of scolding it was for a daughter who was seldom scolded by her father....poor me, heartbroken and sad....this incident was a long forgotten memory, till today when it all came back.

Watching my daughter of exactly same age,running around her nanu's shop.excited to help him in anyway she could.about to commit same blunder as I did...in the process of doing so ,she was going to get a good scolding from her nanu....surprisingly today it felt like  a happy memory.it was fun watching her do same thing.But would have been a first for her and a shocker.. .scolding from nanu is unimaginable for her.....watching both of them was revisiting my childhood.....beautiful feeling it was.....beauty of motherhood lies in these small moments....daughter who was part of my flesh n blood for 9 months...she was me.....now tables are slowly turning around...now I am finding myself in her...her actions, habits,impromptu things sometimes she do....it is as if it's me doing those things all over again....it gives a mother immense pleasure to see her daughter make same choices as she had made as a child.... 

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