A Girl's story
|   Oct 23, 2016
 A Girl's story

This is story of Sujata. Sujata is a young vibrant girl of marrigeable age.She is well educated and belongs to a regular middle class family.she is chirpy, bubbly,Happy go lucky kind of person.mom and dad have been looking for a suitable match for some time.All her friends are getting married ..she feels she is ready for it too.                    

   It will be so exciting to know whome she will be spending rest of her life with,sharing her joys and sorrows.she gets so excited at the prospect  of what new adventures are in store for her in her upcoming new life.she was always loved by her neighbourhood aunties and her relatives and friends.not even for a fraction of a second did she thought that getting along with in-laws will be a problem.life was all set with lots of dreams and hopes.

One fine day , a family comes to their house.sujata and the boy are given 15-20 minutes to talk to each other.she is not the quite types and it's her life's decision too.so she asks as many questions as she is being asked. Tea is served.....awkward it is to sit in front of people and being stared at.  to be judged in half an hour if you are good enough to be their DIL.. ....we Indians are very good at it.finally ordeal is over.the family is gone.sujata takes a sigh of relief but not for too long.Now everyone will want to know her decision.All are in deep discussion...counting pros and cons of the boy and the family.sujata is listening very keenly to what her father and brother are discussing...Her mother seems a little unsure  but rest everyone is in favour of the match.

               As the boy side has to answer first , she is not under pressure as yet. And she has a strong feeling that the answer from boy's side will be NO....she told her mom about this feeling and also the reason behind it.when Sujata was talking to the boy she had noticed him being uncomfortable.Later when she analysed the situation, she had come to this conclusion that her continuous  questions were bothering him. Maybe she was a bit too extrovert  for him...

               After confiding in mom she was happy and free spirited again.There was no pressure now, for her it was over.she was sure that no answer will come.she started packing her stuff as tomorrow she has a train to catch.she is leaving for her college  where her internship is going on.Happy Free bird

                                  She reaches her college and life becomes normal again.same routine work, hostel,friends . She likes this life and is happy with her work. 2 days later while she is talking to mom on phone, mom tells her it's yes from boy's side.they had called on third day and said yes.they had taken little longer than usual but it was a YES.what all happened after that was a blur .Mom and dad paid them a visit, found everything suitable and made their decision.It was done, she was hitched.just like that !!!!!In the hostel room, standing by her window, she talked to the boy for the second time.only this time he was her fiance....How strange.they din't even know what to talk......Life has strange ways....And her life changed forever....                                                                             

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