O womaniya,Aa ha womaniya!!!!!!!
|   Mar 07, 2017
O womaniya,Aa ha womaniya!!!!!!!

As we all know international Women's day is around . We all girls have one more reason to get a gift from hubby or buy it for yourself if he is not obliging.... Don't get me wrong, I am not a victim of marketing gimmicks...And I am not a materialistic person.All I am saying is  acknowledgment and appreciations matters.If others are not doing it,do it yourself... appreciate your efforts,acknowledge the hard work you do.... .Do something  special for yourself ......stop feeling the pressure of being judged all the time.The biggest pressure we mothers carry is, to make everyone happy.Today I will tell you a story of one such mother.

Nisha was a girl of substance. She excelled in whatever she did. Always perfect and up to the mark. Everyone had great expectations from her. Home or office she managed all with ease... Life took a beautiful turn ,Nisha became a mother. She was very happy. She knew she will excel in this role also and she  became one exemplary mother.There was one change though,she was not excelling at home or office like before. It was not like her home was mess or her office work lagged behind. The difference was she could not go that extra mile to give her best.At home  mother in law was not satisfied with her work."pehle bahut jaldi sab kam nipat jata tha,Nisha ab bahut slow ho gayi ho ". At office she overheard some friends talking"did you saw Nisha ,yesterday she was wearing a stained shirt.oh god!" Other one said,"Her brows have not been threaded and she is  looking so fat and dull lately."...... Colleagues who were always in awe of Nisha were finding faults in her.Always immaculate and perfect Nisha was hurt.She tried her best to be the same Nisha,but was not able to make everyone happy. She started feeling low and depressed all the time.She started finding faults in herself."oh ! I could have made this sabzi better,or I could have dressed more appropriately for presentation." From then on nothing she did was good enough for her ....She felt angry and sad . 

One fine day she met charu .They  were college friends and had lost touch over period of time. Charu had shifted in the same locality.charu taught Nisha a secret.secret to be happy.What was that ,let me tell you.....  Charu gave her a magic mantra - "It's ok". 

It's ok if home is messy sometimes... Time she spent with her kid  is more important...

It's ok if she has made one dish instead of three someday.giving your body that much needed nap is also important.

It's ok if she is not looking her best on some days.let people talk .she cares not for such people.

It's ok if it's taking a little long to shed that pregnancy fat. She is working towards it. It will be gone someday.

It's ok if she has to say no to boss for this new project. She is allready handling 2 projects. Boss will understand.

It's ok  if hubby has taken a backseat and her kid is taking all her time... This is time to enjoy motherhood. Hubby will understand .

It's ok if saasu ma is not happy with you. leave her alone for sometime & she will be perfectly normal.

Conversion from a superwoman to a regular woman gave Nisha that much needed relief.She accepted her imperfections & shortcomings now.She felt happy and liberated.... She was no more in the race of being perfect.She had learnt to ask for help. After all everyone needs support....This was a start of journey towards happiness..

 From then on she  appreciated herself for small things she did for everyone.she rewarded herself from  time to time.

List of her rewards

  • Reading her favourite book
  • Listening to music.
  • Eating her favourite food
  • Going out with girl friends once a month
  • Taking out time for  exercise.
  • Running,cycling or playing badminton.
  • Never forget to reward yourself.For a woman to get metime is the biggest luxury.We have to face heaps of problems to take our due but perseverance always pays.when we take initiative everyone comes around eventually.If we feel  worthy then only others will realize our worth.This women's day gift yourself  happiness.Gift yourself me time.Do what it takes to be happy..... Because happy women raise happy families....

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