Being a mom is better than being a perfect Mom.
|   Dec 30, 2016
Being a mom is better than being a perfect Mom.

Every girl cherishes the moments they live life to the fullest. We, women, are the most delicate and powerful creation of God. We share the joy and happiness of being a mom, forget ourselves and cherish the moments of loving someone selflessly. The role of a mom is quite tough because being a mom means learning on the go. And practical learning is quite tougher than expected. It is obvious for moms to forget everything around them when they just long to see her kids happier. We have seen our mom, grandmoms, friends every other friend who forget to live a life on their on but live for others.

It is equally important to find some "me" time amongst all these busy schedules. The more you pamper yourself mommies, the more energy you gain to be able to cope with the tasks. A little rest will never harm your life. All mommies need a break at times. It is time to stop having cold tea, cold food, late sleep and all awake nights. 

Tuck in yourself some good time even if it is with kids. Take a nap with kids, enjoy the cuddling and uncooked days. Leave the messy home as such for a day, no one is going to question you. Forget the grumpy looks you get when the whole house is a mess, you are still doing a perfect job. 

Create memories, create the special moments with your kids and behold the treasures of being a good mom. If moms don't take breaks then the whole set of harmony in the house is damaged. The growing number of depression cases are due to these unending line of expectations laid by others for moms, the load of new responsibilities. Every new mom are asked to take up almost 30-40 days of physical rest, but are they mentally taking a break too? 

No, Never, if they are to set free from all these rules and regulations, they need a break. Forget to be the perfect ones or a carbon copy of another mom, every mom has to be different and special for their own child, not for others.Being special and good for your own child, is only known to that particular mom, and not by others.

Cherish the moments with you child, enjoy some breaks and forget the raising eyebrows at you, when you are different from being traditional. 

Every mom is beautiful and special for her child. 

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