Growing up with a Pet Dog
|   Jun 07, 2016
Growing up with a Pet Dog

It’s been a while since I have penned anything about life with her. You wanna know why? Well, we have a new member in the family and she has been keeping all of us busy.  

Yes, you are right there is indeed a new arrival in the family. The difference is that it is a ‘dog baby’. Aha..donot get me wrong, I am not overtly an animal lover, it’s just that we had this thought or say a desire to have a dog for long and so the first opportunity to have one we got it home.

The decision to adopt an 8-month-old indie dog, was on humanitarian impulse, her affectionate eyes read 'take me home, I will love you’ and we got her from the animal shelter. Initially, our friends couldn’t believe it for we were keen to buy a male lab pup and suddenly informed them about our happy settlement with a desi one. But don’t worry, for now, I am sparing you the details of our soul-changing journey.

This is about sharing our new adjustments and surprises which unfolded after an arrival of a pet. Here goes the list-

Happy Moments-

• The not so morning person in me has vanished. I’m up as early as 4.30/5.00/5.30/5.45 am for a lovely morning stroll with her. We walk slowly, breathe easy and fresh! Ah, what a start of a day.

• The family of three is walking all times it seems- twice in mornings and thrice in evenings. During weekends, it could be more.

• The screen time spent by father, mother and daughter on social media/TV/I PAD is no more there. In fact, we have no time for it at all. Best is our girl has no craving for it. 

• The father, daughter and her pet have their ‘me’ evenings in the park with a ball without a miss. I’m sure this will help in health and immunity improvement in the long run.

• Departures are always a pain, especially when you say goodbye to your five-year-old in the morning before going to work. But hey, what’s this, instead of dragged goodbyes and teary eyes, my girl now waves 'tata'. As we leave, the doggy and she hug each other and wish us a good day.!!

• The biggest challenge is to wake my girl in the morning. We would dread the whining and tantrums on being pushed to hurry up. But now, our lives have become more sorted. The responsibilities are divided, mommy and daddy dress her up and the doggy wakes her up by doing coocho cu. As a result is we are greeted by a broad ‘morning smile’ from daughter.

• It was never easy to put an end to her play-date. Now on one call, she snaps her ties and comes running to hug her dog.

Trying times-

• Extra bit of work- cooking and cleaning

• Re-scheduling evening outings.

• Possible fears of not knowing what the pet wants.

• Fear of wear and tear the pet can cause

• Stress of leaving her when we off to work

• Offcourse an expense to maintain a pet

It is too early to say right now what’s next on cards and how strong the bonds between two girls (aka human and dog ) will be like in future. But surely it’s a treat to watch them play together.

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