Why I don't have a sister?
|   Jul 25, 2017
Why I don't have a sister?


The girl has a mind of her own now. She argues with logic and demands her rightful space.  At times, I am relieved within that she has learned the art to negotiate so quickly but at other times I shudder when I’m cautioned by others on how difficult parenting is going to be when she enters teens.

Very recently, I got a chance to taste how challenging times could be in future. To put the matter in context we need to go back to history when, we settled the matter of need for a second child in the family by adopting a ‘she dog’ christened as ‘chai . The little one was also satisfied with the deal- she could boss around Chai, push Chai, pull Chai, play with Chai and ignore Chai when not in mood. The girl agreed that the best part was no sharing of toys required and at the same time she could show off Chai to her pals with pride and order her around.

The threesome us, ughs the foursome us were a happy family unit with occasional queries of why some friends of her have a sibling and why some don’t have. Whenever the question arose, she was silenced with photos and facetimes with her cousins.

But this could not last for long, for when she finally met her cousins and their cousins as well she realized that there is something amiss in the details shared with her so far. That night before going to sleep she wanted to know all about relationships- brother, real brother, sister, cousin sister, mother, grandmother, paternal mother, my mother, his mother everything.

Few more meetings with cousins and she fell in love with the idea of dinners, dancing, colouring with them. The good nights became longer and separation anxiety even deeper. The promises to her to make them meet again needed more reinforcement. Our ordeal didn’t settle with that alone-Here goes the list of Q&A between us sometime back-

She: Why I don’t have a sister of my own?

Me: Well you do have ‘Chai’ as your sister. Right!

She: Don’t make a fool of me, she is a dog sister, I am asking for a human sister?

Me:  <pretending not to hear>

She: Why I don’t have a brother of my own?

Me: Are you sure you don’t want a sister?

She: Okay, tell me when will I have a sister of my own?

Me: <duck, duck, duck> Why don’t you watch your favourite cartoon?

She:  Okay going, but remember you have to tell me the answer.

Me to the man of house: Listen, her queries are becoming too much to handle.

Man: We agreed on no ‘She.2’, right?

Me: <Shrugs> everyone is looking up for answers from me. Why?

Having been grown up with a house full with children- some siblings, some cousins, I had never felt the want for a company as a child. We coined ourselves ‘famous four’ and an entry of a pet dog later in our lives marked the making of ‘famous five’ for us.  There is no denial it was fun and we made lot of merry.

Fast forward to this age of single child parenting, the best deal can be to help her create more memories with cousins around and bring the dog in to make it ‘famous four’ if not ‘five’.

What’s your story? How do you handle their questions? Any tips?



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