Fifteen minutes of Fame
|   Jan 27, 2017
Fifteen minutes of Fame

I am the girl who had to give up her life yesterday for being molested. Yes, I am the girl who was raped four years ago in a bus and callously

and mercilessly thrown out to die. I am the girl whose dusty rags were found on the highway when certain people jammed and blocked it because they were figthing for their rights. I lost my soul and never found it. I am the girl who is and who will be torn, broken, beaten and hard pressed. No one knew me day before yesterday.Neither did I dream of overnight fame such as this. Today, I am a highlight in news papers and breaking news on tv channels. These are my 15 minutes of fame, I never asked for. These are my few minutes of fame I dreaded before leaving my home. My screams that were mocked at are silently haunting the sleep of those who turned a blind eye when I begged for help. Why am I being discussed in the parliament or debate shows? Why am I being raped in public once again? I have nothing to do with politics, neither I have any views about it. I will truly die when my 15 minutes of fame will fade away and another girl like me will fall prey to the diabolic hands of those vultures scrutinizing many like me from their hiding place, lying and waiting for me quietly in their trench.I do not want these 15 minutes of fame or any homage.

Had you allowed, I could have been a doctor, a software engineer, a chef or a fashion designer or perhaps a mother. No, I do not wish to bring more vultures like you in the world. I do not want to be. I do not want to be. Mostly, I am killed in the womb and if I am spared, I am killed on the road. My breasts were groped hundred meters from my house. I was publicly torn apart while those who were supposed to protect me watched a live show of my public humiliation. Who are you to decide if I have to be or not? I denounce you. I refuse to be your mother, your sister, your wife or your daughter. I do not want to be, I do not want these 15 minutes of fame.


PS*( Please like and share if it does not change the heart of a rapist, it can encourage someone to extend a helping hand and stand for a girl in need. Its worth it even if it moves one heart and saves one girl. The rapists are not monsters from another planet, they dwell among us) *

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