|   Nov 09, 2016

                         Still we're stuck with husband wife's tiff whereas the world is lured towards disaster.

Still we're crying over property boundaries whereas people dont have bed to sleep and perhaps die on roads or gutters .

 Still we're  deciding our food menu of either Indian or Italian whereas some are eating from dustbins .

Still we can't opt between Armani or Gucci whereas some don't have an extra pair of clothes .

Living life  isn't about family struggles, property issues or family status. Neither about parties and expensive outfits nor about ravishing food. It is about living your life to your heart's  content . 

It is called "HEARTIFACTION ".                      It is  a self innovated  word but precisely  the perfect word . It is the combination of heart and satisfaction. When satistation arises from your heart and not your brain (the mechanical you ), it is called heartifaction.

Satisfying your heart is an easy task but your brain is such a bastard ,it never gets satiated . It's like never quenching thirst  of desires,the more you have the more you desire .

A person having 100 rs note  may be doubly more satisfied than a man having a lakh rupees in his pocket . Your heart's satisfaction is way too simpler but farther from your hunger  for money ,power, prize, possession and many more . Your heart craves for nothing more than being happy and satisfied which comes with the feeling of BEING YOURSELF . It actually doesn't need any tagging or  judgement about you by the world and not even you . You are a free human after all . All these possession are actually not for oneself but to prove yourself in the society .

All I want to say is do as your heart says then I guarantee you my friend you'll  die happy and relaxed . Then when end will come you wouldn't feel starved or dissatisfied in any circumstance coz you've tasted every bit what your heart desired .

Infact you'd welcome death with an ecstatic smile as you would have lived your life in utmost happiness from utter HEARTIFACTION .

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