The head and tail..tale of my two boys
|   Apr 28, 2017
The head and tail..tale of my two boys

This is for all those who compare two children and believe that the kids who belong to one family behave alike. So here is the tale of my two boys.

When my second son was born I was told that second child is easy and if the siblings are of the same sex then it's easier. However sharing my experience after two years now I can vouch for the fact that parenting mantras have to be different every time because two siblings might look alike or resemble each other but they are not same.

My elder one has been a bad eater since childhood but the younger one has been easier with the food part. He's not that choosy about food but his toilet training gave me a tough time. If seven years back I was concentrating on trying new techniques in feeding, these days I'm only looking for toilet training stuff on google.

If one talks about the behaviour part my elder son was peace loving boy, quiet and well mannered but the little one is just the opposite always jumping around, hyperactive and quite an aggressive boy to handle. Coming to thehealthissues I must say that by God's grace my elder son had a good immunity however the younger one is ill at the drop of a hat.For all those who think breastfeeding increases immunity I sometimes wonder why such a big difference in health issues though I breastfed them both for 22 months.

Keeping all these aspects in picture it's difficult to comment when the parenting was easier. Every child has his own issues to be taken care of.There is no segregation between a good baby and not so good one. So, enjoy every moment and be armed for handling each child in a different manner as a mom because nothing in this life is predictable.

Happy Parenting!!!

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